Warmth Friend Co from China – WhatsApp Link

Have a nice day to you We are Warmth Friend Co from China,a professional pet products company,major products are pet snacks for dog and cat. WhatsApp Link Instagram landing page > https://chatwith.io/instagram/warmth-friend-co 1. Food Materials for the Pet food All of our food materials are nature and person suitable food ✷All fresh vegetables : From local… Continue reading Warmth Friend Co from China – WhatsApp Link

Which WhatsApp is best

Regular WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business WhatsApp is the most used communicator in the world with over 2 billion users currently. It’s great to utilize as the main app for conversations whether or not you have a business. If you are a regular person, but you use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and you would like be easily… Continue reading Which WhatsApp is best

Bookings with WhatsApp

Create your account to be able to manage your Bookings with WhatsApp. Once you have created your account, you will have an exclusive form for your business from which your clients can book their previous appointments. You will receive a message on your WhatsApp number every time a client makes the reservation. More than 10,000… Continue reading Bookings with WhatsApp

WhatsApp E-commerce

WhatsApp Business use for your shop What is WhatsApp Business actually? It’s an app especially designed for business owners, it helps to foster good communication with clients and on top of that enables you to create a company profile. This profile includes: firm’s name, image and “about” section, in case you own a physical shop… Continue reading WhatsApp E-commerce

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

WhatsApp Business Marketing Strategy Do you want to acquire more clients, grow your business and excel in sales? The key to surpass your competition and obtain market domination lies within implementing the perfect strategy. Are you aware of how much potential WhatsApp has? It’s currently the #1 communicator in the world with over 2 billion… Continue reading WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

6 Rules of WhatsApp Business

The current situation is complicated at a global level and most of the companies are looking for online ways to sell such as web page, e-commerce shop, instagram etc. What includes all these channels and what we strongly recommend is that you start using WhatsApp Marketing considering the advantages it offers and the popular use… Continue reading 6 Rules of WhatsApp Business

How to get your WhatsApp Business account verified?

You want to get an official business account on WhatsApp? A business account on WhatsApp can either be listed as an “Official business account” or a regular “Business account”. A business can’t request or pay to turn a “Business account” into an “Official business account”. View pricing for WhatsApp Api Verification.   I want my… Continue reading How to get your WhatsApp Business account verified?

Trengo: Next-generation Inbox

We all feel overwhelmed sometimes with the amount of messages and e-mails that we have to keep track of and answer. Especially if you are a business owner you probably are present in many platforms at the same time; CRM tools, WhatsApp, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat etc. Its a ton of workload to follow-up… Continue reading Trengo: Next-generation Inbox