When dealing with customer support and service, there are a lot of small, medium and big mistakes that you can make, and we have probably all tried making some mistakes.

But what are some of the really big mistakes, that you should definitely avoid at all cost? Here we will be sharing our opinion on some of the worst customer service mistakes you can make, and how to avoid them!

How to define when a mistake is made

Sometimes it can be difficult to identify, when a mistake has been made, and sometimes, you don’t even realize it, before it is too late. 👎

So, what is a mistake, when we are talking about customer service? There can be many different answers to this, but we would probably classify it, as an action, or missing action, which leads to a reduction in customer satisfaction. ❌

This can of course be many things, but every action or missing action that leads to a reduction in the customers satisfaction rate, can easily be described as a mistake, that everyone would like to avoid!

The most common customer service mistakes! ⚠️

Examples of customer service mistakes!

Not being available for your customers

When your customers are visiting your website, if everything goes according to plan, they should get some kind of interest in what you are doing or selling. In most cases, customers will want to know more about you, your products or your services, before making the purchase.

That is why it is so incredibly important for you, to be available to answer your customers questions! You can do this in many ways, such as leaving your contact information on your website, which could be

  • E-mail 📥
  • Phone number 📞
  • LinkedIn 👔

BUT! The issue with the above is, that the customer usually have to look for them on the website, which is why the best solution to this issue is a WhatsApp Widget!

With a WhatsApp widget, the customer always have easy access to you, and don’t even have to look for the contact information! ✅

A WhatsApp Widget can look like this, and you can get yours at Tochat.be 👇


Not being able to help the customer

Sometimes the customer has issues or questions about something, that is best left for somebody else to answer, because they might be able to give a better and more quality filled respons.

But how do you prepare for this in advance? If you have a WhatsApp widget, you can easily add a form to your widget, which gives the customer a chance to inform you of their question or issue, before even initiating the contact.

That way you can prepare for whatever lays ahead, and perform the best possible service for your customer! 👏

WhatsApp forms! 🔥

Always have a FAQ’s section!

One of the most underrated features, that everybody should include on their website, is a section with Frequently Asked Questions, or better known as FAQ.

Why is this so underrated? I will tell you why, because this allows customers to find solutions on their own, in a really easy and efficient way, and you can even direct them to other pages on your site to find answers, without them having to contact your support! 👌

This is a great opportunity for you too, since you can safe a lot of time, by not having to answer the same questions over and over again!

Add FAQ to your WhatsApp Widget

Normally, people just have a little section on their website with FAQ’s, that the users have to find. But why not add it to your WhatsApp Widget, so that your customers can find it easily, and faster get answers to their questions!

There is a really easy way to do this, and i will safe both you and your customers for a lot of time and trouble, and most definitely increase the satisfaction rate among your customers! 📈

Here is how you add FAQ’s to your WhatsApp Widget! 👇

Add FAQ’s to your WhatsApp Widget!
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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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