Importance of being constantly available

Are you a owner of hotel and you would like to improve communication with your clients? With WhatsApp Business you can assign multiple employees to one account in order to provide an ongoing 24/7 service for your clients. Why is this important? If you are situated in a big touristic city like Paris, Berlin or Madrid, your clients will be coming from different parts of the world, different times zones and often will need to book  a place immediately, for instance in case their airbnb turns out to be a fraud.

What can you use WhatsApp for in hospitality sector?

First and foremost you can make us of WhatsApp to answer all the questions about your place that clients might have. What is the best way to make your WhatsApp available for everyone? If you have a website, just install a WhatsApp Widget, which will redicrect your clients to a conversation with you, by solely one click. If you happen to lack a webiste at the moment, but you operate from Facebook or Instagram you can include a  FREE Link to your WhatsApp in the bio section. These will ensure your customer can reach you very easily whenever he needs to do so.

Secondly, WhatsApp is great for sending a welcoming messages with instructions on how to access the hotel, the room etc. This is especially usefull during the times of COVID-19 when we have to minimize human interaction as much as possible. Here you can see a welcome message with all the required information sent by a hostel in Madrid upon the arrival of the guests. This will enable the guest to enter the hostel and his/her room at any given time.

This way you can equip your customer with all the necessary data whenever you want, without contact in person. WhatsApp will mst definitely improve your customer’s experience. If you are a small hostel with a warm, home-like atmosphere, we recommend to keep the communication with your guest informal, so he feels like a genuine person is taking care of him.  In order to keep the client thinking about your place, while he is visiting the city, you can share some local news or offer helpful tips through WhatsApp, most of them will really appreciate it, especially if it’s their first time in a given location.

Marketing through WhatsApp

If you operate for quite some time already, you were definitely able to create a customer database. You should add all the guests that visited your place at least twice during 1 year to that list. In order to remind them about yourself, you can run a contest. A simple one might be a FREE night for example on NYE that they can win if they adhere to certain criteria. You can for instance send a bulk message to them, that the contest rules are to, follow their Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram account and share a post with your contest on their profile. This way with a very low cost method you acquire more users on your social media and they are sharing your hostel to their friends.

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