Automate your office’s WhatsApp. Optimize the management of your medical, dental or other professional office with our automation solution designed for you.

WhatsApp Bookings for Psychology

Focus on what you studied: human behavior and mental processes. Leave WhatsApp, scheduling and sending reminders in the hands of Callendar.


If you see more than 10 patients a day, do you really have time to constantly check WhatsApp? Try Callendar today.

Therapy Appointments with WhatsApp

Your goal is to alleviate and prevent conditions and pathologies to improve the quality of life of patients. Not being on WhatsApp 24/7

Medicine Bookings and appointments

Focus on perfecting your medical skills and continuing your training. While you’re learning, let Callendar manage your patients’ WhatsApp, appointments, and reminders.

WhatsApp Bookings for Ophthalmology

Focus your vision on the study and treatment of the eyes. While you take care of your patients’ eyesight, let Callendar take care of WhatsApp, appointments and reminders


You dedicate yourself to the study, diagnosis and treatment of the skin, the largest organ in the body. Leave the management of WhatsApp appointments in the hands of Callendar.

WhatsApp Bookings for Vet simplifies appointment management for veterinarians. Automate reservations and communications with clients through WhatsApp, improving efficiency and service experience. Ideal for consultations, vaccinations and emergencies.

WhatsApp Bookings for Aesthetics and Beauty Centers

Prioritize the beauty and well-being of your clients while Callendar takes care of the organization. Our platform manages your beauty appointments, aesthetic treatments and reminders through WhatsApp, allowing you to focus on offering unique experiences.

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