Regular WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is the most used communicator in the world with over 2 billion users currently. It’s great to utilize as the main app for conversations whether or not you have a business. If you are a regular person, but you use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and you would like be easily reachable 24/7 in one place, you should create a link to WhatsApp using our FREE tool and place it in the bio section of your social media accounts. Users will be redirected to a conversation with you on WhatsApp with merely one-click.

If you are not a regular person on the other hand and you own a business or even if you are a small simple entrepreneur, let’s say you make money off of selling Instagram pictures/modeling or product placement on your profile(typically if you have +10k folllowers), establishing a WhatsApp Business account will benefit you to a great extend, anyone requiring multiple conversations with new users, answering many inquiries will greatly appreciate WhatsApp Business. Moreover if you have your own website, you can include this WhatsApp Widget on it, it works just like WhatsApp link, but its more visible and can be placed on any website, not your social media only. If you want to know more about which WhatsApp Widget is currently the market leader, checkout this article. Another reason to use WhatsApp Business is that you should separate your private life from work , having two applications will help you keep everything tidy and response to all request upon arrival.

WhatsApp Business Benefits

WhatsApp Business has a whole range of tools which will help you run your business efficiently. The main feautures are:

Business Profiles A standard feature will be Business Profile which will help your customers get additional information, you will have to upload a profile picture which will serve as a logo of your company, thus it should be professional

Statistics you can check how many messages have been successfuly sent, delivered and read. Moreover if you create a WhatsApp Widget, you will be able to review further statistics connected to your WhatsApp Business account in the control panel of

Catalog which will allow you to showcase and share your products and services within your business account so your customers can have a glance at your offering.

Shortlink simplifies the connection with new customers. You can share an auto-generated short link with them.

Messaging tools you can use WhatsApp messaging templates to build key conversations up front. This allows you to create automated messages to engage with your customers, for instance a greeting message. If you would like to see some greeting message ideas that you can utilize to send New Years wishes for your clients, please check this article.

Labels will let you sort your conversations with customers into helpful categories e.g. “awaiting orders” or “loyal customers” or “reclamations” so everything is crystal clear and you don’t have a mess.

WhatsApp Business provides a platform which will help you interact with your customers better, you will be able to have the highest standard of support. This will greatly impact your brand name as well as sales.


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