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Updated on July 15th 2020

Polls for WhatsApp. We have upgraded our polls for premium users with 3 new options. Surveys, Quizzes, and NPS. You can use your polls with groups in more ways. This is the best tool to engage with your users.

NPS for WhatsApp is an amazing tool to engage with your clients after a sales conversation. Get feedback from your clients and evaluate your sales team. You can create an NPS for each sales agent and each agent should add it to their “quick replies” so they can launch it automatically when the conversation ends.

On July 8th, 2020

Zoho Integration is available for all users. You can connect your forms with Zoho and send the form data to your agent and to your Zoho CRM.

June 22, now you can use Clientify with our WhatsApp Widget. Add Google Analytics to your account to track impressions of your payments and directory. Check if you can use WhatsApp API.

Updated on June 2 2020

We change the phone number length. Now we admit 9 digits numbers. In Andorra, the phone numbers are a bit shorter. We also add a search bar in the widget section and we show the clicks in the widget to give you a quick snapshot of how your widgets are working.

Updated on May the 4th 2021

, New design feature. Check the new design tab to configure your WhatsApp Widget.

Introducing several new updates and features for our WhatsApp Widget! Embed your WhatsApp Widget in any website.

You can now create quick FAQs before answering queries via WhatsApp.

Now you can also connect to HubSpot and send the lead information to your CRM.

And this is HUGE! Get paid via our WhatsApp Widget + Stripe integration: connect your bank account via Stripe quickly and generate customers payments links that you can share to customers.

Check out this video where we explain all the updates.

1. New design. The Widget menus are aligned in a nicer way.

2. Shuffle your agents timetables in random order. We know this is important if you have multiple sales agents vying for leads – this lets you given all of them the same visibility.

3. Now you have the ability to hide offline agents.

4. Agent page: -Now you have a page where you can see and order all of your agents in your widget.

5. For agents you can add scheduling with different time zones.

6. You can add custom forms to your widget.

7. You can review all the dates of the form on the website.

All these exciting new features are coming from direct feedback we heard. Your comments, ideas, suggestions are helping us add new features. More are coming and we will do an update soon.

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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