Updates and news for WhatsApp Widget

We have done a major updated to the WhatsApp Widget. In this video we explain all the updates.

1. New design. We have order the widget menu in a nicer way.

2. You can manage your agents in random order. We know this is important if you have sales agents. You want to give to all of them the same visibility.

3. You can hide offline agents.

4. Agent page. Now you have a page where you can see and order all your agents in your widget.

5. For agents you can add scheduling with time zone.

6. You can add forms to your widget. The widget is link to the agent.

7. You can review all the date of the form in the website.

All these new features are coming from you. Your comments, ideas, suggestions are helping us add new features. More are coming and we will do an update soon.

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