Design your Whatsapp Widget

With our new tab for design you can create your own custom WhatsApp Widget.

Lets review all the options you have to design and customize your WhatsApp Widget

  1. Device. You can choose if the widget is available in all devices, just phones or just laptop. This option is great if you want to present the widget only in cellphones and present a more standard Chat Support for desktop users.
  2. Color. You can choose the color for your widget. Match your brand design and look and feel. 
  3. Z Index. Just in case your widget is on top or bottom of some extra layers in your website. Control where your widget is in your Website layers.
  4. Rounding and button rounding. You can control the roundness of your widget and button. You can go from 0 (square button) to 10 – 20 – 30 pixels maybe… to make it more round and soft.
  5. X Axis and Y Axis. Control where your widget appears precisely. Move your widget up or down to accommodate other elements in your website. You may have some buttons, options at the bottom and you need to move your widget slightly to make everything visible. 
  6. Animation. Choose the animation you want to have. None, bounce, slide. You can define what animation you want to have in your website. 
  7. Show widget open on page load. This option makes the widget appear completely open for your users to interact directly with your agent. 
  8. Position widget (right or left). This option works like a switcher. If you mark it, the widget will go to the right. If you mark out, the widget will go to the left. 
  9. No header. Make your widget cleaner and smaller with no header. This is a great option if you want to have a simpler smaller widget. We love it by the way. 

This options enable you to create the best widget for your website. If you use Joomla, Prestahsop, Drupal or just custom PHP you can add the best WhatsApp Widget for your website. 

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