This is very important for your business and health.
If you have a Business, you need WhatsApp Business.
With WhatsApp Business you can set up your schedule. You can define your business hours.

schedule whatsapp business

Now, you can define and “away message”. To create an Away message, check this video where we explain step by step how to setup the Away Message.

The away message is the perfect tool to keep your clients connected and be able to disconnect from your work.
Just follow these easy steps and you will be able to create the perfect CRM for your business just using WhatsApp.

Now, what is the best away message for WhatsApp

You can use these templates, but think about your business, your customers and what they may need.

Away message template 1
Sorry we are away. We will reply tomorrow as soon as we are available. Our business hours are mon-fri 9 to 5. Thank you. How can we help you?

Away message template 2
Hi, I am not available right now. If it is urgent, just give me call. Otherwise, I will contact tomorrow morning. Thank you. Do you want to join our membership club?

Away message template 3
Hi, our operators are away. Please go to our website for support. For new sales inquiries we will contact you tomorrow. Thank you.

Now you can have your WhatsApp automated when you are away.
Send your comments and questions. We are here to help you.

Always add a question

Always add a question to your messages. That way you will keep your customers engaged and you will keep the conversation open.

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