Very cool WhatsApp Business with linktree. Butcher “El Torito” in Argentina. With two links to WhatsApp. One for each store.

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Katherin Hola! deseo información del servicio de maquillaje profesional. Gracias

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Banco Ciudad:

Very popular WhatsApp Business Grupo Alemana

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In the Orthotics area, we have comfortable dressing rooms and a large plaster room for taking molds. Home work is carried out for people unable to move and also, in coordination with the treating doctors, special equipment is made during hospitalization periods.

Corsetry is dedicated to the realization of spine orthoses, whether they are rigid (metal or thermoplastic) or soft (girdles and corsets).

The Prosthesis sector makes the equipment used to replace the loss of a limb (Lower or Upper). Some parts are entirely manufactured in our workshops. In addition, it has a large gym for patients, where technicians and kinesiologists teach how to use the prosthesis and provide advice on them.

Shoe shop
Shoe store has a large room with dressing rooms for taking measurements and testing footwear, insoles and orthopedic stockings. Through computerized studies and state-of-the-art scanners, we can design an insole or plantar orthosis suitable for each patient.

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WhatsApp Penetration in Argentina

Argentina has one of the highest rate of WhatsApp user growth with a 10% percent, and it’s ranked the 6th position in the world.

As of the third quarter of 2021, WhatsApp was the most used social media platform in Argentina for 95.2 percent of the country’s online audiences.

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