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FAQ about WhatsApp Widget

FAQ about WhatsApp Widget

How to add more than one agent to my chat support channel


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Step 1. Add a WhatsApp link everywhere.

You need to add new contacts to your WhatsApp Channel EVERYDAY.

  • Add WhatsApp link to your Twitter profile.
  • Add WhatsApp to your website.
  • Add WhatsApp to your Instagram profile.
  • Add WhatsApp to your Linkedin profile.
  • Add WhatsApp to your Youtube Channel.

You need to concentrate all your leads into your WhatsApp channel.


Step 2. Use WhatsApp Business to keep your contacts Active.

With WhatsApp Business you can automate the follow up with your customers. You can add a “by default” greeting messages, a “welcome message”, an “away message”… that way your customers will be always attended and they will know you are active.


Step 3. The closing.

You need to close the sale. You need to extract as much information as possible from your customers to focus the sale, but once it is ready, you need to close the sale.

It is very important to have Payment Methods ready to use with WhatsApp and if needed Coupons.

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