Spain is a country located in the southwest of Europe, just below France and above Morocco. It is best known for its biggest cities Madrid and Barcelona, but also for its diverse countryside and its beaches. The capital is Madrid, however Barcelona is as equally important. The best airport is the Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport.

Lawyers in Reus Tarragona, Span using WhatsApp to help their customers.

Very cool website using WhatsApp Widget and Prestashop to get more sales and offer a better support

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New WhatsApp Business in Spain using the WhatsApp Widget

WhatsApp Number Phone for Spain 🇪🇸

If you want to create a link to WhatsApp for a phone in Spain you need to add 34 to your phone number.

Create a link to your WhatsApp, with a Spanish country code 🇪🇸

If you need to create a link to your WhatsApp number you need to use your phone number without any special characters.
Just your country code, and then your phone number.

  • Normally you will see your phone number as +34 (835) 902-5723 – THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU DO.
  • For your link to WhatsApp you need to use: 348359025723 – THIS IS GOOD!!

More information about the dialing code

  • In Spain, mobile phone numbers are always starting with a 6 or with a 7. So a WhatsApp number in Spain is always +346 or +347
  • Keep Spain as your Country Code and remove every special character. Just use the numbers on your phone.
  • Once you have your number ready, go to our site and create your link to WhatsApp.


The process of creating a connection, which connects EVERYWHERE and users communicate with you via WhatsApp.

Step 1

Visit and create your free link to WhatsApp.

Step 2

On website,

Complete the SPACES with your WhatsApp Number, your Name/Business Name, and a custom Welcome message. Don’t forget to accept the policies and private conditions at the end.

Step 3

After completing the form, just press the button to get your link 👉 “Create Your Link


Step 4

The last step includes copying your WhatsApp link. And the most important of all is to copy it and share it with those around you!


Example of link to WhatsApp for Spain

Businesses in Spain using WhatsApp:

Most popular WhatsApp business in Spain 🌆

Iberia, a major Airline in Spain is using WhatsApp for support and assistance to their passengers

Click here to test their Iberia WhatsApp Channel

If you are a photographer you can use the best tool to create your website go to


Let’s know how to get a WhatsApp Link

As quickly and easily as possible, with no charges, you create and share this link on all social media, WhatsApp Groups, and websites, including your necessary contact details.

The process of creating a free link, whether it’s a personal WhatsApp Spanish number or a professional Spanish WhatsApp Business number, is detailed step by step. Just follow her and express your questions to us!

If you want to check all the country codes available for WhatsApp numbers please go to this page.

Or click on this list of EUROPEAN Country Codes available for WhatsApp numbers.

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WhatsApp Penetration in Spain

Spain is the number one country in Europe for WhatsApp Penetration. Number 2 will be Italy and number 3 will be Romania. In Spain, more than 90% of the population is using WhatsApp on a daily bases. If you are a business you need to start using WhatsApp Business.

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