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If you have a website with WordPress or an online store with WooCommerce ToChat.be is the best plugin to start a conversation with your customers. Your customers need support and help to finish their purchase. WhatsApp is the best tool to help your customers.

But your “support desk” is not always on. Unless you are a big global company, normally you focus your support and sales efforts in the office hours.

But what happens if you are away or the office is closed.

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You can setup automated Away Messages with WhatsApp for Business

We always recommend to use WhatsApp for Business. WhatsApp for Business gives you more options to chat with your customers.

One good option is to setup an Away Message. This Away Message will be an automated reply to your customers when you are not available. That way your customers will have a reply explaining your business hours and what they can do in the meantime.

How to setup your schedule in WhatsApp for Business?

You can define the schedule of your business in WhatsApp for Business. This settings will help you launch an automated away message when you are not online.

WhatsApp auto reply message sample

“Sorry, we are not available right now. Can you let us know how we can help you, and we will reply ASAP. Thank you for your interest in our company.”

“Sorry, we are close. We are open from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 5 PT time zone. Please leave us your message and we will back to you ASAP. Thanks! Support Team at www.yourcompany.com – Visit our YouTube Channel for tutorials and How to.”

“Sorry, we are away. If you are a restaurant please leave a message with your request – Tony will reply ASAP. If you are an individual, please leave your name and your order, we will reply next business day at 9.”

The Away Message is a much better alternative to “nothing” or to a blank chat window. Just add your Away Message to capture your next customer.

Why you should setup automated Away Messages

You should capture every single lead coming to you. Of course is much better to reply in real time, but if you define a good “Away Message” you can have your lead and let them know you will reply ASAP.


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