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Bold font WhatsApp

If you want to add Bold in your message in WhatsApp you need to type:

One of them is default font which we are using generally. So now we are going to know about rest 4 types of fonts.

If you want to write bold text, type an asterisk “ * ” at the beginning and end of the message.

EXAMPLE: *Hello!* becomes Hello

You can add a link to your WhatsApp account to start a conversation from anywhere. Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook page…

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Link to WhatsApp and Paypal – Free

If you want to create a cool landing page with a link to WhatsApp and a PayPal button, this is the best solution you can find.

WhatsApp is the best channel to communicate with your customers.
Paypal enables payments on the go.
You can create a link to your Paypal account and start charging your customers.

Also, if you are using WhatsApp Business you can create Quick Replies with a link to your Paypal Account and speed up payments inside your WhatsApp channel.

Start today.
Create link to WhatsApp.
– How to add WhatsApp to your website. Free WordPress plugin.
How to add WhatsApp to your Instagram account. Step by step guide.

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How to create a link to your WhatsApp Account – Online Store

You can create a link to your WhatsApp Account to sell online.
If you have an online store, you need to add WhatsApp to engage with your customers faster and easier.
You customers may need to have some support before they buy their solution.

They may need to ask for some configuration, some products you may not have in your website, or some models they may need and maybe they do not find in your website.
WhatsApp is a great tool for advice and suggestions.
Sometimes customers do not know what to buy and they can be open for suggestions.
If they are looking for a present or a gift, being available with WhatsApp to reply to your customers is a very good tool to sell faster to your customers.

Just create your link to WhatsApp and start selling more.

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Customize the CSS of your WhatsApp widget

With our WhatsApp WordPress plugin you can define the look and position of your WhatsApp widget. In the case of this website,, we have added a button to the contact bar.

In this case we have designed a button that integrates fully with the design to be discreet and not very singing. But if we go to the mobile version, we see how we can adjust the design of the button so that it does not step on the rest of the buttons.

This is a very common error with other plugins that do not allow you to customize the CSS. With our plugin you can customize the design to the maximum and get the button to fit your template with total precision.

To add custom CSS, you have to go to “Settings” and within this section you can add your custom design.

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Personaliza la CSS de tu widget de WhatsApp

Con nuestro plugin de WhatsApp para WordPress puedes definir a medida el aspecto y posición de tu widget de WhatsApp.
En el caso de esta web,, hemos añadido un botón a la barra de contacto.

En este caso hemos diseñado un botón que se integra totalmente con el diseño para que sea discreto y no muy cantarín.

Pero si vamos a la versión móvil, vemos como podemos ajustar el diseño del botón para que no pise al resto de botones.

Este es un error muy común con otros plugins que no permiten personalizar la CSS. Con nuestro plugin puedes personalizar al máximo el diseño y conseguir que el botón se ajuste a tu plantilla con total precisión.

Para añadir CSS personalizada, tienes que ir a “Settings” y dentro de esta sección puedes añadir tu diseño personalizado.

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Create your Free Website for Food Stall

If you own a Food Stall you need to add a website to your service.
The goal is to create an easy to use experience for your customers.
Customers should be able to order with WhatsApp and have their food ready to go.

How to order food in a Food Stall with WhatsApp?

1. Create your landing page here.
2. Create your online Menu Board so your customers can order easily from your website.
3. Get your WhatsApp messages and confirm the order with your customers.
4. Prepare the food.

This is the future for your Food Stall.
Make your customers happy and increase your orders.

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Free landing pages for Academies

Academies are the best sector to use our Free Landing pages:

Why you need to communicate with your students with WhatsApp?

– Because your audience is using WhatsApp. They do not have email. You need to give them an easy to use tool to communicate with you.
– You need a simple website your students can use with their cellphone and contact you.
– Academies, training courses, always require some kind of advice, coaching, mentoring, guidance. You need to communicate with your students.
– If you teach english, for example, you need to explain different grades, packages, how to do it… There are a lot of options you need to explain to your students before they sign up.
– For that WhatsApp and WhatsApp for Business are the best tools. You will be able to communicate effectively with your potential customers and create a relation of trust.

So start now

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Free landing pages for Cosmetics and Fashion

You can create your Free Landing Page for Cosmetics and Fashion services. We have a lot of request from professionals who are selling Cosmetics products. Cosmetics and Fashion is a really cool sector because you need to work with your customers one to one.

Your customer need personalised attention and advice to get the right products for them.

So start now

With these two solutions you can reach more users looking for your services.
– Personal stylist
– Personal shopper
– Personal trainer

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Empresas de tejados en España / Spain Roof companies

Nombre Número Dirección Ciudad Url
Proyectos y Montajes Xanadú 912 362 127 Avd de las Nieves 25 Madrid(Móstoles)
Citoit Sistem, S.L 925 54 61 92 Calle Persiles y Segismunda, s/n Esquivias 45221 Toledo
Garmo Impermeabilizaciones 628124374 C/ Alejandro Morán, 64 2ºD 2805 Madrid
Decorando tu espacio 911138478 Calle Aniceto Marinas 50, 28008 Madrid
Reform house 91 168 07 87 Calle Castilla, 3, 28840 Mejorada del Campo, Madrid
Sanyest, S.L. 93 245 85 37 C / Aragó, 568-570 Barcelona
Restauri 93 425 16 22 C. Mir Geribert, 8 baixos Barcelona
Estructuras de madera Frank Pak sl 660 94 88 09 c/ Jaén 11 Barcelona
Estructuras y Tejados ARCOR SL 93 588 15 71 Sant Jaume, 9 bajos 1ª Barcelona
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WordPress is great, but comments are 99% spam

WordPress is great to have a website, but 99% of the comments are spam.
Forms in WordPress are the same. The leads you can have from a website are 90% useless.
That is the main reason to use WhatsApp.
WhatsApp means real interaction. Is a real phone number, is a real user and he is going to give you his or her phone number.

This is real. Use WhatsApp to reach more users.
Install our free plugin for WordPress.