We offer you the best free inbox if you are using WhatsApp API CLOUD. Start working today with the open source WhatsApp inbox. Receevi.

In this ranking we want to compare and offer a ranking of the best inbox (or shared tray for WhatsApp API) so that you can make a decision about which option to select.

We have only tested apps that use the official WhatsApp API. We have not reviewed unofficial tools.

Tochat.be & Receevi (Open Source WhatsApp Inbox for WhatsApp API Cloud users)

Included in your Tochat.be Licence. Unlimited Agents.

JivoChat Starting at $19 / month

Solution for small companies (team of 10 agents)

Trengo From €25 / month agent

Solution for small companies (team of 10 agents)

Respond.io Starts at $29 / month for

High volume of contacts, very high price
Solution for b2b companies and medium-sized companies (team of 10 – 20 agents)

RocketChat From €2/ month agent + WhatsApp App

Complicated setup

Solution for large companies.

CallBell €15/month

Solution for small companies (team of 10 agents)

SalesForce Digital Engagement $75 / month agent

Solution for large companies.

When do you need an inbox for WhatsApp?

Whenever you use the WhatsApp API and whenever you use a verified WhatsApp account (which is the same) you will have to use a WhatsApp management tray. When you have the WhatsApp API you cannot use your standard WhatsApp applications.

Inbox applications for WhatsApp usually have a desktop version and an App version for your phone so that you can manage it comfortably from your computer.

What do I need before starting verification?

To make sure we make the process as quick and easy as possible, there are a few things to keep in mind before getting started.

Make sure you need it

Number without WhatsApp account
Facebook business id connected in the
Facebook administrator (Business manager)
Business details in official document (definitive CIF)
Proof of possession of the telephone number (invoice for example)

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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