A few numbers about WhatsApp and countries to give you an idea about where is whatsapp more popular.

Which countries download more WhatsApp

If we count WhatsApp APP downloads, the number one country is India, number 2 Mexico, number 3 Brazil. Then you have Indonesia, United States, Nigeria and Russia. You can also find Pakistan, Colombia and Turkey. WhatsApp is still one of the top 4 apps downloaded worldwide and this countries still show a very strong activity in new users using WhatsApp.

Which countries search more for WhatsApp

If we count in which countries users are searching more for WhatsApp the list is quite different.

Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Colombia are the most active countries in terms of searches for WhatsApp, WhatsApp Download or WhatsApp 2022.

If we want to know which countries are searching more for “WhatsApp business” the list is again very different to what we have seen before. Mozambique, Brazil, Paraguay, Angola, Nicaragua are the most active countries.

If we want to go one more step down, and we want to know which countries are more active around “WhatsApp API” the list is: Hong Kong, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Singapore, Peru. Peru is one of those countries normally in the top of the searches for everything WhatsApp.

Which countries have more WhatsApp Business

We can take the number of downloads of “WhatsApp Business Apss” from the app store as a reference for WhatsApp Business. For sure downloads is not equivalent to active business, but the list is very clear.

India is the strongest number one country by far (more than 290 million downloads). In second place we have Indonesia with 73 million downloads, and in third place Brazil with 69 million downloads. Then you have Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt, Russia, Mexico, United Stats and Colombia.

Most popular countries with WhatsApp Link

In our own category, this is the list of countries more active searching for WhatsApp link or WhatsApp country code:

Number 1: United States of America Country code for WhatsApp.

Number 2: Nigeria Country code for WhatsApp.

Number 3: India Country code for WhatsApp.

Number 4: Pakistan Country code for WhatsApp.

Number 5: Brazil Country code for WhatsApp.

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