We must take into account several aspects that installing the WhatsApp widget with ChatWith.io provides in the relationship with customers. Below we explain the benefits that can be obtained thanks to the use of this tool:

First of all, if you have more than one driving school you can add all the necessary users for each of the centers, in this way you would have an agent (phone number) assigned to each of your centers. That is, the main manager of the account (director) has access to the data of any center, but each of the driving schools has direct access to the management of that specific center.

One of the most important points is that it is currently one of the forms of customer service that more and more companies use, almost all driving schools make use of it.

We cannot forget that it is free, almost everyone has WhatsApp, and uses it anywhere. For this reason, in addition to the fact that it does not entail an additional cost, it is the best option for quickly contacting clients and notifying them of last-minute unforeseen events, making sure that they have received the message.

Main channel of communication for your target audience. The vast majority of clients are very young, and they constantly use this tool to communicate. They prefer to talk on WhatsApp than to call by phone.

It allows us to obtain metrics on different parameters of all or each center, which help to identify both possible business improvements and good practices that can be implemented in other centers.

Below we show two examples with completely different situations in which the use of WhatsApp with ChatWith can be a great ally:

Situation 1: Potential new customer

He wants to get his driver’s license and he has several driving schools nearby, he needs information to decide. If writing a single message provides you with all the information you need, we will have a better chance of choosing us over another driving school.

Situation 2: Current client

You have a class reserved but an unforeseen event has arisen and you cannot attend. Let us know with a message and we could change the schedule or take advantage of the space for another client who is waiting for a space. Or in the opposite case, something has happened to the teacher and he cannot give the class, sending a WhatsApp to the client, informing and offering another available space, we notify him as quickly as possible and avoid unnecessary trips or possible confusion with the schedule .

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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