The best WhatsApp Widget on the market l COMPARISON l

WhatsApp Widget for your website

Are you looking for a WhatsApp Widget compatible with your website? Be it HTML, Wix, Shopify, Drupal, WordPress, Google Sites, Joomla, PrestaShop or others. There are a few WhatsApp widget solutions available for all these types of websites. Unfortunately many of them work only with a certain type of domain and can be a costly investment. That’s why we have prepared a juxtaposition for you.



Our leader provides a FREE solution for all types of websites with many amazing features included. As for now is the only provider with features like Analytics & Forms. You can register here and customize you widget according to your preferences and site design. Chatwith also offers a paid Premium subscription, here are the features that you get for solely 20$/year:

2. Idnovate 

Idnovate offers a plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce, they have 2 options of subscription 14$/ 3 months or 24$/ year. A pretty good option overall, unfortunately compatible with only 2 platfroms at the moment.

Their features include:

-share options

-predefined messages

-localizing all texts in installed language

-adaptive and responsive design

-displaying the block in multiple positions

-filtering by user rol

3. Widgetwhats 

Compatible with 8 types of platforms, Widgetwhats offers its service for 15$/ year, overall good option but lacks certain important features such as forms or stats with which you can track thenumber of clicks and the source from which your customers are coming.

WidgetWhats | Free Whatsapp Chat Widget for Website




-fb pixel integration

-conversation style

-agent availability

-auto open widget

4. Widgetsquad

Widgetsquad offers a WhatsApp plugin for your website. They have multiple pricing plans ranging from free up to 69$/month

Free Website Widget to Increase Sales & Conversions

Their features:

– Integrating WhatsApp messenger on your web page to stay connected with your visitors

– Customizing your profile picture with your own image

-Change your title & description text

-Customize your widget color and pattern to match your website

-Display Whatsapp Chat icon on your desired position

-Set your display triggers



For now, our choice is going to be the Widget offered by since it’s available for all the platforms, is free to use, with an option of extending to premium plan for only 20$ per year and gains competetive advantage over others thanks to unique features like forms or analytics which are very helpfull, when it comes to getting to know your customer better. So overall it’s the most versitale offer. Choose wisely 😉




By Paweł Górny

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