Case study of auto spare parts kessla using WhatsApp

Case Study with Leyca: Spare parts for Kessler axles and boxes using WhatsApp and solution for communication with their customers.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other. In recent years, companies have also started to take advantage of this application to interact with their customers and increase sales of their products and services.

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One company that has successfully used WhatsApp to communicate with its customers is Reyca (Recambios Ejes y Cajas S.A).
Reyca is a Spanish company specialized in the sale of spare parts for vehicles. They offer a wide range of products including Kessler shafts, gearboxes and clutches. The company wanted to improve customer service and increase sales, and they found the perfect solution in WhatsApp. They partnered with, a WhatsApp chatbot and customer service provider, to help them achieve their goals.

Reyca WhatsApp Business: Auto spare parts

Thanks to implementing the WhatsApp Widget button from, they can offer personalized attention from their technical and commercial support, giving a response within the day to all the needs/queries of each client.

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Steps to benefit from WhatsApp and

  1. The first step in this process is to set up a WhatsApp chatbot. The chatbot is a computer program that can interact with customers in a conversational way. You can answer frequently asked questions, provide product information, and even help customers place orders and reservations. Reyca worked with to develop a chatbot that was tailored to their specific needs. The chatbot was custom to understand the company’s products and services and was able to provide customers with accurate and useful information.
  2. Once the WhatsApp Widget Chatbot was added to their website, Reyca began to use WhatsApp as a customer service channel. Customers can now communicate with the company via WhatsApp and receive quick and helpful responses. This was a major improvement over traditional customer support channels like email and phone, which could be slow and frustrating for customers. By using WhatsApp, Reyca was able to provide faster but more effective customer service.
  3. The company was also able to engage with customers in a more personalized way: They were able to send personalized messages and promotions to customers, which helped build stronger relationships and helped increase sales as customers were more likely to buy from a store which they had a good relationship with.
  4. Another benefit of using is the acquisition of potential customers. Reyca, by promoting their WhatsApp link on their website and social media channels, provided future customers with a way to contact them via WhatsApp. This helped increase their visibility and attract new customers who might not have found them otherwise.
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WhatsApp has been a game changer for Reyca. By partnering with and using WhatsApp as a customer service tool and interaction channel, they have been able to improve their customer experience, build stronger relationships, and increase sales. Other businesses can learn from their success and consider using WhatsApp as a tool for customer communication and sales and profit growth.

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