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Became an easy way to embodiment WhatsApp

Addi is one of the most successful Colombian companies, which you can buy online or in a physical store.

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Our integration of your business (or personal) WhatsApp number in online payments greatly helps the purpose of creating such a small company to create payments that are made from different points and completed successfully!

Choose always get WhatsApp EASY-TO-DO Payments

One of the importance of the existence of CO.ADDI.COM. Very high rate of complete transactions with large amounts or pay directly without waiting and deposits or money transfers that are rejected or cannot be made. services and

As indisputable as app payments are, everyone uses a platform to complete a transaction and it often features WhatsApp. Customers want to transfer money easily and simply and whenever they want through the WhatsApp application from one number to another. Τ link payments help Αddi users to the maximum because they describe all easy money transfers of users, with absolute accuracy through the user’s professional or personal WhatsApp number.

How to sell with services and

The great thing here is that you have full control and decide what requirements you set for your customers doing the payment. Obviously, you need their credit information, but besides that, there are some things you can change about this, such as:

  • Make name a requirement ✅
  • Make E-mail address a requirement ✅
  • Make Phone number a requirement ✅
  • Make Address a requirement ✅
  • Change the description at the top ✅
  • Personalize the link ✅
  • And more! 🔥

The way you do this is quite simple.

How to create a WhatsApp payment link, all the methods on the tutorial

How you can create a payment link on services :

  • Login at 🌐
  • Go to payments 💲
  • Press “edit”, or “create new” ✏️

After creating the payment link, you can send it in the WhatsApp chat and receive the payment directly in your account.

+1000 brands already sell with

Browse most brands sold through easy WhatsApp payments and Addi website, you can search for offers and highlight the brands we recommend, order them if you are in a physical store, pay with the methods on WhatsApp and benefit from the clean and non-increased charges!

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The possibilities of WhatsApp have been extended to the maximum.

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