Using the 360 Client Hub, you will be able to manage and track all your WhatsApp Business Account information including activation status updates, namespaces, phone numbers and API Keys.

1. Getting Access to the 360 Client Hub

After submitting the necessary information, you will receive an email invite asking you to create a new password for your newly created account. Click on Create Password and follow the instructions.​

​Access to 360Dialog Client Hub. If you did not receive your email invite, you can log into the 360 Client Hub here.

2. Navigating the 360 Client Hub

This is the homescreen of the 360 Client Hub. Here you will be able to track all your WhatsApp Business Account numbers. When you first log into the 360 Client Hub you will see your WhatsApp Account in DRAFT status.

360 Client Hub DashboardEach number connected to your account can be seen in a folder like this:

By clicking on

(on the top right corner) you will get an overall view of the complete status of the account:


WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) and Phone Number Statuses

All the statuses of both the WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) and Phone Number columns (middle and right columns) will turn green when the number is active and running. At this point, the Generate API Key button will become available.

By clicking on

you can access and review more information about the account and number like:

  • Timezone ID
  • WABA Account External ID
  • Namespace
  • IVR and Number Registration Preference
  • WABA Channel External ID
  • Consent Status

This information is Read only. If you want to change any information, please create a support ticket.Once your account has been submitted to Facebook and approved, there are three steps that must be completed (turn green) by you for your phone number to be connected with WhatsApp. These are:

  1. 1.Accept Message-on-Behalf Request
  2. 2.Complete Facebook Business Verification
  3. 3.Complete Number Registration

Once these steps are done, you will be able to go live and access your API key. More information about the steps above:WABA account: Classic Signup

4. Retrieving the API Key to Go Live!

After the number is successfully registered, you will be able to retrieve your D360-API-KEY in the 360 Client Hub. Both the WhatsApp Account and Phone Number statuses should now be displayed in green (connected).

If you require assistance retrieving your API-KEY, please create a support ticket or ask your software provider.

5. Change a Display Name

You can change the display name of a number directly in the 360 Client Hub. Facebook must review and approve every Display Name change request. This may take a several days to complete. Please follow Facebook’s guidelines for Display Names. Do not request a Display Name change unless it is necessary, as the number of permitted Display Name Changes is limited. To change your Display Name:

  1. 1.Find the Number for which you would like to change the Display Name.
  2. 2.Click on Show details.
  3. 3.Under Display Name, click Edit.
  4. 4.Input the new desired Display Name.
  5. 5.Click Save – please allow up to 10 seconds for the display name to be changed. When you get the success message you can refresh the page and the display name will be Modified.

How to change the display nameWhen the Display Name is approved, your account will be automatically updated with the new Display Name. Please allow up to 24 hours for display name changes to be reviewed by the WhatsApp team. If your display name is rejected, please review the Display Name Guidelines and repeat the process again until you get a display name approved.

Edit icon not available

If you can’t see the Edit icon in your 360 Client Hub page, this means that another Display Name was already sent and is under review. Please wait a few days to try again.

6. Add an Additional Number to an existing WhatsApp Account

To connect an additional number to an existing WhatsApp Business Account, follow these steps:

  1. 1.Log into the 360 Client Hub
  2. 2.Click on WhatsApp Accounts on the menu bar
  3. 3.On the Top Right of the screen click on Add Number
  4. 4.Input the requested information-WABA-Phone Number-Default Language-Verification Method
  5. 5.Click on Save

Each additional number added via the Hub will be charged accordingly.ISVs / Partners cannot submit additional numbers on behalf of a Client (Business).

7. Account Preferences

In your account preferences you can:

  • Change the 360 Dialog theme
  • Enable Keyboard Shortcuts

To access the Account Preferences:

  1. 1.Click on the Avatar on the bottom left of the screen
  2. 2.Click on Preferences

8. Delete WA Business API Client (Cancellation)

To delete the WhatsApp Business API Client and Terminate the Billing cycle for a number, please take the following steps:

  1. 1.Log into the 360 Client Hub
  2. 2.Click on WhatsApp Accounts on navigation bar
  3. 3.Choose the number you would like to terminate from the displayed list
  4. 4.Click on Show details for that specific Number
  5. 5.Scroll down to the Danger Zone section
  6. 6.Click on Delete number
  7. 7.Follow the on screen instructions to terminate the number.

Deletion is not instant. When you click “Delete number”, the termination date will be calculated and the WhatsApp Business API Client will be queued for deletion. Deletion will happen on the Termination date.After the Termination date, you will no longer be able to send or receive messages. The number will remain visible in the Hub, but you will no longer be charged after the Termination date. DowngradingIf you wish to downgrade to the standard WhatsApp App or the WhatsApp Business App – you must log into Facebook Business Manager and follow the deletion procedure. If the WABA is not shared with you (you cannot see it in your WhatsApp Manager) – please create a support ticket and we will delete the number for you. ​

9. Add / Update Payment Method

You can add / update your payment method (card) from the Profile section of your account. Profile > Billing options

​You will be redirected to our Billing Panel with URL, you will be able to review your current plan and billing history as well as add a payment method and update your billing address.​

10. WhatsApp Business Profile

You can update your WhatsApp Business Profile info from the Hub.

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