Alternatives to the drawnames APP to do the invisible friend draw on WhatsApp
If you are looking for the best alternatives for the invisible friend that are not an App AmigoWhats is a very simple solution that will allow you to do the “Invisible Friend” draw on WhatsApp without having to download an application.

Strong points of drawnames

«The best app to organize the invisible friend online is here. Do the free secret friend draw in the simplest and fastest way. »

The reality of drawnames – You have to pay or see ads to upload contacts

This application allows you to generate the group of invisible friends easily within the application. Once downloaded we create our group (the unlimited group is paid). The basic version forces you to see an ad for each contact you want to add. The premium version is €0.99. With this option you eliminate the ads, but it is a bit crazy to have to pay this for such a simple application.

AmigoWhats offers you the ability to do the Invisible Friend draw for free and with WhatsApp and from your browser

We believe that the AmigoWhats user experience is much simpler, easier and without ads. Simply load your contact list and send WhatsApp to your friends.

We believe that AmigosWhat is a great alternative to carry out the invisible friend draw in a simple way, without having to download any application and above all using WhatsApp to carry out the draw. Your contacts will receive a message on their WhatsApp that will allow them to access the person who has given them the gift.

Easier, simpler and of course 100% free and without advertising.

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