Do I need to buy a whatsapp API or just having a whatsapp account is enough?

WhatsApp API is only required for some automated services like campaigns and when you use our PrestaShop, woo-commerce, or Magento modules.

Can we use this for whatsapp email campagins?

You can add a link to your agent in an email or you can use “campaigns” to send outbound messages to your users. For that, you need WhatsApp API and there are some restrictions.

Number verification and API?

Verifying your number and having the API is a single step. Many people ask us for verification as if it were on Instagram or Twitter. There is no JUST verification.

  • It is done against Facebook
  • You have to be a registered company
  • It has a cost
  • You pay per conversation

What I need before starting the verification?

To make sure that we do the process as fast and easy as possible, there are some things we need to take care of before starting.

  • Make sure you need it
  • Number without a WhatsApp account
  • Facebook business ID connected on Facebook manager
  • Bussines details on official document
  • Prove of owning the phone number ( Bill for example)

Can I use my current number?

No. We recommend using a brand new telephone number or a number that never before had WhatsApp.

Verification needs to be done with a number that does not have WhatsApp, Facebook rules.

Take the opportunity to register a number just for that. It can be fixed or mobile.

Can I use WhatsApp APP?

No, The API is used with applications such as:


  • Trengo
  • Rocket Chat 


  • Zapier
  • Any type of code

Can I send mass messages?

But the focus of WhatsApp is to use it as a notification tool or as a reminder. Commercial spam is not welcome.

✅ Reminders
✅ Recover carts
✅ Notifications based on CRM status
✅ Recurring shipments (every week do this)

Costs, deadlines?

  • Verification: $200 a year. 2 weeks.
  • Services: Depends on each provider
  • Inbox: Standard price $15 per agent / month
  • Conversation cost: 0.04 push conversation (variable)

Use cases for necessity

Inbound + Outbound

Inbound –> We attract clients with campaigns where the entry route is WhatsApp

Outbound –> I have a client portfolio and I want to activate it

When visitors want to chat , do they have to put their phone/WhatsApp number to start the conversation?

When you create a form you can add a phone field, but this is completely optional. You do not need to add this field mandatory.

Do you have more questions? Ask through our widget and we will help you with everything you need.—————————–>

Where are the PDFs received in WhatsApp stored?

Go to File Manager >> Downloads

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