Learn how to create your sales campaigns via WhatsApp.

On Chatwith.io, we’ve been working really hard to create new tools to help you grow your business, here’s our new feature: Campaigns.

Get ready for Christmas 2022 sales and implement Campaigns in your WhatsApp Widget button to get all the benefits and results you’ve been waiting for.

Create your campaign on: http//tochat.be

How to create your campaign

CAMPAIGNS is an amazing tool to program automated campaigns via WhatsApp. Imagine you’re planning to make a Christmas Campaign, but it’s difficult to track its performance and it’s tough to reach out to all of your customers. Sending it one by one, it’s a lot of hard work, isn’t it? We’re here to help you solve this problem.

With Campaigns, you’ll be able to send automated messages through WhatsApp and also track its performance in less than a minute. You only need a WhatsApp Account and WhatsApp API to start.

Create your account here to get WhatsApp API

Once you have WhatsApp API, you can create your campaign with only 3 easy steps:

  1. Click on “Automated Campaigns
  2. Complete these sections: upload your audience, choose a template, and write your message. You can also verify how your WhatsApp Message would look.
  3. Select date and time to send your campaign and click on “create

It’s super easy and intuitive, you can create more sales and engagement with your customers and automate the whole WhatsApp Communication with them.

if you have any doubts about how to create your campaigns, you can also check this video below:

How to create your campaign

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We’re here to help you increase and retain your customers and also boost your sales with an excellent customer service CRM tool.

Learn how to boost your Campaign using our new tool BOOKINGS:

New system of bookings it allows you to give your customers the available hours to make a booking. For hotel reservations, for a meeting with you, to ask more information about your service and products, etc.

Check this video on how to implement Bookings on your WhatsApp Widget Button:

How to set up your Bookings
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