CTWA = Click to WhatsApp

This is the new option for Facebook Ads to make your CTA (Call to action) a direct CTWA.

Facebook reported that 1,5Bn in revenue was generated from CTWA. This is a big number and this is becoming a more normal behaviour for some campaigns.

Is CTWA a good strategy?

Including a link to WhatsApp in your Facebook ads can be a good strategy depending on your specific goals and target audience. Here are some considerations:

  1. Audience Behavior:
    • If your target audience is active on WhatsApp and prefers using it for communication, providing a direct link to WhatsApp can make it easy for them to reach out to your business.
  2. Convenience:
    • Adding a WhatsApp link can offer a convenient way for potential customers to ask questions, seek more information, or engage with your business directly.
  3. Mobile-Friendly:
    • Since many users access Facebook and WhatsApp on mobile devices, providing a WhatsApp link aligns with the mobile-friendly nature of these platforms.
  4. Communication Preferences:
    • Some users may prefer instant messaging over other forms of communication, and WhatsApp is a popular choice for real-time conversations.
  5. Tracking and Analytics:
    • Ensure that you have mechanisms in place to track the performance of your WhatsApp link. This might involve using UTM parameters or other tracking tools to monitor the effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaign.
  6. Privacy and Policy Compliance:
    • Be mindful of privacy policies and ensure that your approach complies with both Facebook and WhatsApp policies. Always prioritize user privacy and data protection.
  7. Clear Call-to-Action:
    • Clearly communicate what users can expect when they click the WhatsApp link. Whether it’s customer support, product inquiries, or another purpose, a transparent call-to-action can improve user engagement.
  8. Alternatives:
    • Consider other communication channels as well. Some users may prefer email, phone calls, or direct website visits. It’s often beneficial to provide multiple contact options.

Remember that the effectiveness of your strategy depends on your specific business, target audience, and campaign objectives. Regularly monitor the performance of your ads, gather feedback, and be ready to adjust your approach based on the results you observe.

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