Everyone who are running an online business, has his/hers own website, or simply is responsible for the customers and marketing a their company knows, that the key to a succesfull online business, is all about the presence, service and support!

There are multiple ways to approach this, but one of the most up-to-date solutions, is to create a WhatsApp Widget.

What is a WhatsApp Widget?

A WhatsApp Widget on your website could be a little contact button, which your customers can use, if they need to get in contact with you.

Lets say you have a visitor on your site, who wants to know more about your company, your products or about how to make a purchase. How do they get in contact with you? 🤔

Very easy, if you have a WhatsApp Widget, your visitor can simply click on your widget, and communicate with you over WhatsApp! 👏

Or maybe your visitors doesn’t even have to contact you, because what you can also do, is to add FAQs to your Widget, to your customers perhaps can find solutions on their own, without your help.

What your Widget could look like

Example of a WhatsApp Widget!

This could be how your WhatsApp Widget would look like on your website. When customers press this widget, they will be directed directly to my WhatsApp, and in that way, i can always be available for them, whenever they need me. 🤗

In this Widget, i decided to add a sales and support agent, which i can edit and keeps stats of. You can add unlimited agents, design them as you want and for different purposes!

How do i create my WhatsApp Widget?

Creating your Widget is really easy. The first thing you need to do, is to go to Tochat.be, and create your account, or login if you already have an account. 🌐

In this video, we explain in details, how you can create your Widget. 👇

How to create your WhatsApp Widget 🚀

When you have your Widget, it is important that you make it personal, so it reflects your business as much as possible! You can do this in a couple different ways:

  • By changing the color 💚
  • Give it your own name related to its purpose 👨
  • Personalize your Widget message 👋
  • Add a picture to your agent 📸
  • Ad a banner for your Widget 🏭

There are many ways to make your Widget and your Agent more personal, you can also change the button, to make it look different.


Here you see, how you can edit the name, button message and Widget Message. It is also here you can chance the color, and choose different icons.


If you then move from “Widget” to “Agents” in the toolbar at the top, you will get to site, where you can add your agents, and customize them.

Here you can:

  • Add you WhatsApp number 📞
  • Add your name 👨
  • Add your job title, or the title you want in the widget 👔
  • Add a picture to your agent 📸
  • Manage your leads 🚀

One of the really cool things you can do with your agent, is have full control over, where you want to receive leads from, and where you don’t want to receive leads from. 📥

Activate/Deactivate by country

Let’s say you are located in Spain, you have a spanish website and therefor, you only want to receive leads from spain. To avoid getting leads from anywhere else, you can deactivate leads from any other countries than spain. 🇪🇸

Or to make it a bit easier for yourself, simply just activate the option called, ” Activate only in these countries”

Activate by country 🌍

To do this, simple choose the option on the picture by pressing the drop-down, and then choose the country you want to receive leads from. You can also do it the other way around, if you have countries you want to deactivate leads from. 🚫

Deactivate by country 🌍

This is an easy way to control the leads, that your agent generates from your WhatsApp Widget.

View in WhatsApp directory

Before adding your WhatsApp Widget to your webpage, you can have a quick sneak-peak at how it looks like, in WhatsApp directory. In that way, if you are not pleased with it, you can easily go back and make changes, until you are 100% satisfied

View in WhatsApp directory 👁

Here you will also see the QR code you can share with your customers, along with your WhatsApp widget and your agents.

So as you see, there are a lot of things you can do with your Widget, to make it even more appealing, and handle your customers even better, and give the best possible support. 👍

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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