How has communication changed?

COVID-19 has created a great impact on all kinds of businesses, whether small, medium or large. One of the main things that have been affected is the problem of being able to communicate. 🗣

Communication in these times of pandemic has to be with as little face-to-face contact as possible, but at the same time it should be close and comfortable. The mortgage sector is not absent from this reality that we are experiencing and that is why they also have to adapt. 

Good and reliable communication is the key!

A mortgage broker needs to be in constant contact with people, since their job is basically to be a financial intermediary between home borrowers and potential lenders, to get the best possible mortgage terms for the borrower, and that is why our tool, which we will talk about below, is a great opportunity! 🙌

It is the best solution for this sector since it provides, so that the clients can communicate with the company quickly and easily and in turn mortgage brokers will be able to carry out their work in a more fluid and direct way. 👔

WhatsApp is the solution

Our tool will allow you to create a link that will take your clients directly to a WhatsApp conversation through which they can carry out their work as mortgage brokers.

At we work to improve your communications and make your life easier. The process to create your own link is very simple, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Enter to the website: 🌍
  • Enter your mobile phone number plus your country code. ex: +34 🇪🇸
  • Enter a name or the name of the company, this will allow you to customize the link. 💡
  • Finally, create a welcome message for your clients and it will appear in the WhatsApp conversation when you click on the link. ✏️

Once you have created your own link you can share it on the different social networks that your company uses. To know how to share it on your social networks, click here. 👈

Mortgage Brokerage Services using our tool

極馬按揭轉介 AAHorses Mortgage Brokerage Services

AAHorses is a company dedicated to the mortgage broker sector and currently uses our tool to communicate with different people. 👍

Here you can see an image of several people who work in this company and their links to whatsApp as well as the WhatsApp widget. You only need to click on any of the agents you want to contact and you will directly access a WhatsApp conversation.

Benefits of using a WhatsApp link

  • A quick and easy way for your customers to contact you, all it takes is just one click and they end up in conversation with you. ✌️
  • By linking users to your WhatsApp, you create a valuable database that you can use for marketing and promotions later. 📊
  • By receiving all requests in one place, you can provide fast, high-quality customer service and support. 🔥
  • Gives you the ability to link users from multiple social media platforms and bring them together into one BEST communication app on the market. 🏅
  • Inherently, you provide a better quality of customer service every time you are connected to the phone. 👌

Where can i share my link?

One thing is knowing how to make your link, another thing is knowing how to share it!

Press on “copy and share your link” to get a copy of the link!

When you have your link to WhatsApp in, your profile will look like this. Here, you can see your link, do a bunch of stuff to increase your profile, such as:

  • Change your profile picture 👩
  • Change your name or the name of your business ✍️
  • Change choose or change the category, that fits you or your company the best 📖
  • Follow the stats of your WhatsApp link 📊
  • Customize your link 🖊
  • Edit the custom message for your users 📝
  • Create additional links, as many as you need 🆕

Next to your link, you will see a button that says “copy and share your link”. If you press that, you now have a copy of your link, that you can paste into all your social media network accounts!

Make sure your customers can see it!

You can now share your link with everyone, by posting it on social media, adding it to your profile, or even use it on your website!

We have guides that can tell you, how to best share your WhatsApp link!

These guides are available in a variety of different languages! 🌎

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