Nowadays fast payments are the order of the day and that is why the simpler these are, the more interested people are. There are different types of fast payments but the idea of being able to do everything from the same application sounds pretty good. From being able to chat, send and receive images or videos to being able to receive money, everything in the same application is already possible. 

WhatsApp has launched beta tests in India and Brazil to be able to send and receive money through it. Users can already carry out these operations through WhatsApp pay implement by sending a message. This service is designed above all in large and small companies since it would not be necessary to use cards or codes, thus becoming an excellent complement for WhatsApp business that integrates perfectly with the business concept that the application provides.

WhatsApp Pay Countries💰

The two countries that can choose to use WhatsApp pay are India and Brazil, in India, it has been testing for two years and despite having had some legal problems it has ended up being a success and its reputation is getting better. In Brazil, the situation has been different since its implementation has been more difficult for legal reasons, although they have ended up allowing the use of this WhatsApp option for financial transitions.

Where is WhatsApp Pay available?

Where will it be available soon?

  • In Mexico.
  • In the UK.
  • In Spain
  • In Asia.

WhatsApp Pay: how to do it

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Select ‘Payments’.
  3. Tap on Add new account.
  4. Choose the bank from the options that are provided.
  5. Next, your mobile number must be verified to set up a UPI account.
  6. By using the UPI PIN, you can verify the bank account.

After performing these simple steps, you will be able to start receiving and requesting money through the application, in the same way, that you can now share images and locations.

For our users in Spain, we will soon launch our own solution so that you can realize and receive payments through WhatsApp. This solution will save you the time by letting your clients pay you in a secure way without having to leave the conversation.

🚀Read all about available payments with WhatsApp country by country. In every country, there are different solutions you can use to get payments with WhatsApp.

Now that your business is suffering, you need to get as much money as you can from your customers upfront.

So, connect your WhatsApp with your payments and get your money.

Features and benefits of WhatsApp chat payment 🪙

-No need to ask the beneficiary for account details.

– It is not necessary to enter the IFSC code. All you need is a virtual address.

– Sender and recipient will receive a payment notification in their chat window once the funds’ transfer is complete.

-Make payment to anyone in the WhatsApp contact list from anywhere and anytime!!!

Easy-to-use “payment” feature that makes transferring funds as simple as sending a photo or message.

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