Are you already familiar with our new feature ChatPoll? This is a great tool you can utilize to increase customer engagement by preparing surveys for your users/clients. You can create challenges or contest e.g. for your best product/ service, customers will vote and let you know, what is the best feature offered by your company. WhatsApp Polls are very easy to run, after creating one you can just send a link for voting in a bulk message through your WhatsApp. You can also share the link through social media or post it in a article on your blog. If you would like to perform a marketing analysis of how your clients view your company, visit this article about using ChatPoll for calculating Net Promoter Score.


Sample polls

Here are a few ideas, you can take part and vote yourself!


Who in your opinion was the best football player in 2020?


What do you think is the correct order of world’s most spoken languages?


Which religion has the most followers in the world?


What is the best video game of 2020


Which product do you like the most/find the most usefull?


You can create surveys about anything you want, it can be games, questionairres about existing product or you can ask your clients to rate your ideas for introducing new products to the market. After your users voted you can check the scores on where you initially created the poll, it will look like this.


Fore more information about how to create WhatsApp Polls step-by-step please check our guide. The process is very intuitive, creating one poll usually takes up to 1 minute.

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