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Empresas de tejados en España / Spain Roof companies

Nombre Número Dirección Ciudad Url
Proyectos y Montajes Xanadú 912 362 127 Avd de las Nieves 25 Madrid(Móstoles)
Citoit Sistem, S.L 925 54 61 92 Calle Persiles y Segismunda, s/n Esquivias 45221 Toledo
Garmo Impermeabilizaciones 628124374 C/ Alejandro Morán, 64 2ºD 2805 Madrid
Decorando tu espacio 911138478 Calle Aniceto Marinas 50, 28008 Madrid
Reform house 91 168 07 87 Calle Castilla, 3, 28840 Mejorada del Campo, Madrid
Sanyest, S.L. 93 245 85 37 C / Aragó, 568-570 Barcelona
Restauri 93 425 16 22 C. Mir Geribert, 8 baixos Barcelona
Estructuras de madera Frank Pak sl 660 94 88 09 c/ Jaén 11 Barcelona
Estructuras y Tejados ARCOR SL 93 588 15 71 Sant Jaume, 9 bajos 1ª Barcelona
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WordPress is great, but comments are 99% spam

WordPress is great to have a website, but 99% of the comments are spam.
Forms in WordPress are the same. The leads you can have from a website are 90% useless.
That is the main reason to use WhatsApp.
WhatsApp means real interaction. Is a real phone number, is a real user and he is going to give you his or her phone number.

This is real. Use WhatsApp to reach more users.
Install our free plugin for WordPress.

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Add Paypal to your Free Landing Page with WhatsApp

Now we are offering the possibility to add a PayPal Button to your landing page. All these are free features.
You only need to add this option in the form to create your landing page.

This option will enable payments in your free landing page.
Please, contact us for more information.

Create your own free landing page.

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How do you share your WhatsApp?

If you want to share your WhatsApp number you need to create a link to your WhatsApp number.
If you want to do that you need to use our free tool.

This free tool creates a link to your WhatsApp number.

Share your WhatsApp number via email

You can add a link to your WhatsApp in your emails signature or for support.
If you are talking with customers in emails and things get complicated, you can just share a WhatsApp link to start a conversation.

Share your WhatsApp number in linkedin
If you are looking for a job the best what to stay in touch with your potential employer is to share your WhatsApp number.
You can add the link to your WhatsApp in your PDF.

Share your WhatsApp number in Facebook

If you want to share your WhatsApp number in your Facebook page, you can create the link with our tool and just copy and paste the URL in your profile.

Share your WhatsApp number in your physical store with a QR code

With our tool you will generate a QR code you can print out and create a Call to Action to your WhatsApp number. Customer visiting your store will be able to take out their phones and scan your QR code and get your contact details. If you use WhatsApp Business you will be able to add relevant information about your business.

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What does click to chat mean?

Click to chat is a functionality that we can apply to our website and allow a user to talk to us with a chat.

The advantages for the user are many:
– it is fast
– it is direct
– it is simple

We do not ask the user to initiate an email or fill out a form. If we want to accelerate sales, the best option is click to chat. Within the click to chat there are options such as custom chats, shopping chats or WhatsApp. Our recommendation is to use WhatsApp because it is the most direct and clear option. WhatsApp also allows users to have their phone identified so as not to lose contacts.

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Click to chat – advantages

So the 3 main advantages of a Click to Chat are:

It is free. The cost perception will be zero and your customer will not have any impediment in contacting you with any questions.
Additionally, you will generate a better image by being a more accessible company.
You will prevent your customers from getting frustrated by waiting, since if you are busy or out of business hours, there will be an automatic notification. You can set up “Away Message” with WhatsApp for Business.
You will have access to the statistics and the follow-up of each call that will help you analyze the effectiveness of the button and optimize the work of your operators.

And the 3 main advantages of for WordPress are:

Immediate contact with your client and easy access to support, as it always appears in a visible part of your WordPress Website and the button is present on all the pages you configure on your website.
WhatsApp is very accesible and easy to use. Everyone recognises the icon and the click to chat is very actionable. A less formal support than email, so it generates more closeness in the deal and a closer relationship with your customers.
Efficiency for your company, since each operator can be chatting with unlimited clients at the same time.
The plugin is 100% free and very easy to install.

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Whatsapp Font

WhatsApp do not allow to use external fonts in the messages. You only can use:

Bold font
To type text in bold, place an asterisk before and after the text.

To write text in italics, place an underscore before and after the text.

To write strikethrough text, place a check mark before and after the text.
~ text ~

To type text in monospace, place three inverted quotes before and after the text.
“ text“`

That is all. Those are all the capabilities WhatsApp allows to use in terms of fonts.
You can not load new fonts or colors…

What you can do if you want to have more design, is to use status and create a new status with the design tool they have.

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Create WhatsApp Widget using API – JSON

#hosting #developer –
Now you can manage WhatsApp Widgets with the API >

Create and control chat widgets with an easy to use API.

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How to put a link in your instagram story

If you use Instagram, then you are no stranger to the stories. They are pictures that you can post, however they get deleted after 24 hours have passed. that is what makes it exclusive. Although it is a copy from Snapchat, Instagram´s stories are by far the most used story between the two.

Whenever you follow an artist, model, or anybody who creates content daily, you may have noticed that sometimes there is a link to their store, youtube account and more.

There are two ways of putting content on your stories on Instagram.
– The first one is through IGTV which basically allows you to upload videos that are longer than one minute, since you are only available to post videos that are a minute long. Essentially, this allows you to upload the videos that you have posted on Youtube, on Instagram. This helps the content creators because people use Instagram far more than Youtube and makes it easier, since you only have to be scrolling down your feed to come across it rather that having to search the channel and then find the video.

On the other hand, some problems with IGTV are the difference in format between Youtube and Instagram, therefore you will not be able to watch the video properly. Another inconvenience is that you cannot put links on IGTV so it is exclusively for content creators.

– Since everybody uses the stories, it is only obvious that you would want your product to be there as well. If you have noticed on such stories, at the bottom of them there is a phrase “swipe up” and when you do so, you will go to the accounts page, youtube account etc. This is the easiest way to promote your product, as even if your followers have not seen your story, you can still post a picture promoting it on your story and the only thing they will have to do is tap on your profile pic and they will see it.

The steps you need to do if you want to put a link on your story is as follows:
– First, you have to change your account to a business account if you do not have it already, you can do this on your settings and you will have to put your phone number, email etc.
– Secondly you will take a picture of whatever you like, afterwards there will be a link icon at the top right corner, as you press it you will go to the story settings and you can either post an IGTV video or an URL.
– Since we want a link, you will put whatever your link there and it is done. It is very easy and you can get creative by decorating your story with Gifs and phrases in different colors.
– However there is a slight drawback. You have to have at least 10 thousand followers to have this setting, now if you do not have this number of followers, you can still put the link on your profile.

How to create your WhatsApp link for Instagram.

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How to add Link to WhatsApp in Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook Page you can add a link to your WhatsApp channel by default.

To add this button you just need to edit your Page Information.
In the settings list there is a “WhatsApp option” to add your WhatsApp phone number and you can add a button with the link to your WhatsApp channel.

add whatsapp facebook page

Is that easy and it is free.

Please read this post about how to use WhatsApp as a Pro.