Click to chat – advantages

So the 3 main advantages of a Click to Chat are:

It is free. The cost perception will be zero and your customer will not have any impediment in contacting you with any questions.
Additionally, you will generate a better image by being a more accessible company.
You will prevent your customers from getting frustrated by waiting, since if you are busy or out of business hours, there will be an automatic notification. You can set up “Away Message” with WhatsApp for Business.
You will have access to the statistics and the follow-up of each call that will help you analyze the effectiveness of the button and optimize the work of your operators.

And the 3 main advantages of for WordPress are:

Immediate contact with your client and easy access to support, as it always appears in a visible part of your WordPress Website and the button is present on all the pages you configure on your website.
WhatsApp is very accesible and easy to use. Everyone recognises the icon and the click to chat is very actionable. A less formal support than email, so it generates more closeness in the deal and a closer relationship with your customers.
Efficiency for your company, since each operator can be chatting with unlimited clients at the same time.
The plugin is 100% free and very easy to install.

By César Martín (

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