If you use Instagram, then you are no stranger to the stories. They are pictures that you can post, however they get deleted after 24 hours have passed. that is what makes it exclusive. Although it is a copy from Snapchat, Instagram´s stories are by far the most used story between the two.

Whenever you follow an artist, model, or anybody who creates content daily, you may have noticed that sometimes there is a link to their store, youtube account and more.

There are two ways of putting content on your stories on Instagram

– The first one is through IGTV which basically allows you to upload videos that are longer than one minute, since you are only available to post videos that are a minute long. Essentially, this allows you to upload the videos that you have posted on Youtube, on Instagram. This helps the content creators because people use Instagram far more than Youtube and makes it easier, since you only have to be scrolling down your feed to come across it rather that having to search the channel and then find the video.

On the other hand, some problems with IGTV are the difference in format between Youtube and Instagram, therefore you will not be able to watch the video properly. Another inconvenience is that you cannot put links on IGTV so it is exclusively for content creators.

– Since everybody uses the stories, it is only obvious that you would want your product to be there as well. If you have noticed on such stories, at the bottom of them there is a phrase “swipe up” and when you do so, you will go to the accounts page, youtube account etc. This is the easiest way to promote your product, as even if your followers have not seen your story, you can still post a picture promoting it on your story and the only thing they will have to do is tap on your profile pic and they will see it.

The steps you need to do if you want to put a link on your story is as follows:

First, you have to change your account to a business account if you do not have it already, you can do this on your settings and you will have to put your phone number, email etc.
Secondly you will take a picture of whatever you like, afterwards there will be a link icon at the top right corner, as you press it you will go to the story settings and you can either post an IGTV video or an URL.
Since we want a link, you will put whatever your link there and it is done. It is very easy and you can get creative by decorating your story with Gifs and phrases in different colors.
– However there is a slight drawback. You have to have at least 10 thousand followers to have this setting, now if you do not have this number of followers, you can still put the link on your profile.

How to create your WhatsApp link for Instagram.

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