“I made a very simple e-commerce and in the end, the items in the cart, as well as the customer’s data, should be sent via WhatsApp to the e-commerce store.

Do you indicate any API for this?

I just need to send the message, no bot or fancy stuff.

Basically I’m going to put together a text with the items in the cart and send it to the store’s WhatsApp.”

How WhatsApp API Works

  1. Application Setup: To use the WhatsApp Business API, businesses need to apply and get approved by WhatsApp. The API access is usually granted to medium to large-sized businesses with a substantial customer base. Once approved, the business needs to set up the API by configuring the necessary settings.
  2. Phone Number Verification: A business needs to verify its official phone number with WhatsApp. This number will be used for communication with customers. WhatsApp requires phone number verification to prevent misuse of the API.
  3. Message Templates: With the API, businesses can send two types of messages – session messages and message templates. Session messages are responses to user-initiated interactions within a 24-hour window since the last user message. Outside this window, businesses can only send message templates. Message templates need to be pre-approved by WhatsApp and follow specific guidelines.
  4. Webhooks: Businesses need to set up webhooks to receive incoming messages and delivery reports from WhatsApp. Webhooks are HTTP callbacks that enable real-time communication between WhatsApp and the business server.
  5. Message Sending: Once the API is set up, the business can send messages to users who have initiated a chat with them or have explicitly opted in to receive messages. Businesses can also send approved message templates to users outside the 24-hour window.
  6. Message Encryption: WhatsApp messages sent through the API are encrypted to ensure security and privacy.

It’s important to note that the WhatsApp Business API is not available for general individual use and is primarily designed for businesses to provide better customer support and communication on the platform.

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