As you might have noticed by now, WhatsApp is a great tool for more than just having your daily conversations with friends and family. It is also a great tool for your business to improve your sales, communicate and handle your customers, to improve your customer satisfaction rate. 📈

And the best thing about WhatsApp is, that it goes well with basically any business, so if you want to start using WhatsApp for your business, don’t worry about it not fitting your business, because there is a really good chance that it will.

Here are some examples of, why WhatsApp is such a great tool for your business. 👇

How to create a WhatsApp link!

Still wondering why you should start using WhatsApp for your business? Here are the reasons why WhatsApp will definitely fit your business, almost no matter what! 👍

Customize your WhatsApp tools

All the different WhatsApp tools that you can apply to your business with can be fully customized, so you don’t need to worry about your Widget, your agents, your WhatsApp link or your landing pages being similar to your competitors, or not fitting the agenda of your website or your business.

There are a lot of different ways you can customize your widgets, and all your other WhatsApp tools, and if your are looking for some creative inspiration, here you might be able to find some ideas 💡

Design options for your WhatsApp Widget!

All you need is your WhatsApp number 📲

It doesn’t require a whole lot when you have decided to use WhatsApp for your business. Actually, all you really need to get some of the great benefits of WhatsApp, is your WhatsApp number and an account at, and you are ready to go.

Considering that almost everyone are using WhatsApp, giving them the option of using this when dealing with you, makes very good sense, and it takes very little effort to implement, as long as you just have your WhatsApp number, and your account at 👌

What is also important to remember is, that your online presence is becoming more and more important for your clients, given that most of the information people find, happens online, and people are spending so much time searching for things during the week.

So why not reach out to people, and give them the solutions that fits their daily rutines and make everything easier for both your customers, but also for you and your business. ✊

Easy and fast contact, without any complexities

Dealing with your customers via WhatsApp is probably one of the least complex ways of running your customer contact, which is probably also why it is becoming a more preferred option for many small and medium sized businesses.

One of the things you can do to become more available, and make contact easier for your customers, is by creating a WhatsApp link.

A WhatsApp link allows your customers to simply press your link, and then right away being able to start a conversation with you. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Create your very own WhatsApp link at today, and start making life easier for all your customers! 👏

Making your very own WhatsApp link is easy and fast. Here is how you do it 👇

  • Go to 🌐
  • Type in your WhatsApp number 📱
  • Type your name, or the name of your company 👤
  • Create your link 🔗

Now you are ready to start sharing your link with your customers. When it comes to sharing your link, we recommend using your social media accounts, your website and google to best get your WhatsApp link out there.

Here is how it can be done!

How you can share your WhatsApp link!

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