Spain cakes shops

La casa de las tartas – Madrid.

Tartas al punto – Valencia.

France Cake Shop

Anniversaire, Baptême, Evjf/h, Mariage, Naissance…Vous rêvez d’un gâteau à couper le souffle aussi bon que beau ? Ne cherchez plusA partir de 7€/ part

Berlin Cake Shop

La Pasticceria

Only flavor exceeds the beauty of Giorgio’s exquisite pastries. Every product is carefully designed and prepared after an extensive research: a mix of italian tradition and personal innovation is the result of this work.

Other cool Cake Shops in Europe

Istanbul: Sweet Sisters Cakes in Istanbul make great cakes with a creative touch!
London: Pastry Girls London makes the prettiest and most decorative cakes!
Madrid: Cake Shop Madrid is a great bakery with some delicious cakes!
Rome: Bakery & Love Rome are creating true cake masterpieces!
Bucharest: Angeline Cake Boutique in Bucharest makes some of the prettiest cakes you will ever see!
Paris: Celine Cake Design in Paris are specialists in cake decorations and designs!
Minsk: TORT NA ZAKAZ OT LYUDMILY MOSTAKOVOY in Minsk are an amazing group of bakers, who make great cakes!
Vienna: Liberte Cake Boutique in Vienna are very clever and skilled bakers!
Hamburg: Willy’s Cakes in Hamburg is a must try, if you are ever going to visit Hamburg!
Warsaw: Odette Tea Room in Warsaw is a nice, cosy and delicious cake shop!
Budapest: Budapest Bakery & Cafe is one of the best places to sit down and take a break, while you are enjoying the city!
Barcelona: The Cake Man Bakery in Barcelona is always worth a visit, if you have a sweet tooth!
Munich: Lamingtons Bakery in Munich is a really great bakery with a lot of beautiful cakes!
Milan: DOLCELINO Pasticceria Milano is an absolute pleasure to visit, every time!
Prague: Fruit Světozor, is such a pretty cake shop!
Sofia: Claire Coffee Bakery / Bakery Claire, is a really great place to get your cakes in Sofia!
Birmingham: Bite Me Cakes is a creative cake shop in Birmingham, that is really worth a visit!
Brussels: Patricia Creative Cakes is incredibly skilled, and the name of her bakery does not disappoint!
Cologne: If you are ever in Cologne, you need to try Scherz Cakes & Bakery
Odessa: Кондитерская CAKE HOUSE has amazing ratings and customer satisfaction rate, so it is a place that you might want to try out!
Athens: Julianna’s Cake Design is a go to, if you need to get a cool design and a creative cake!
Amsterdam: Want some amazing cakes in Amsterdam? Studio Happy Story is the place to go!
Andorra: Ganesha Temptacions, are really making tempting cakes!
Bern: Looking for great cupcakes? You find them at Bonne Maman & Cupcake Affair Bern!
Zurich: Bonne Maman & Cupcake Affair are also located in Zürich!
Copenhagen: Cake Châlet is a great place to grab a cake, in the capital of Denmark!
Dublin: Looking for super pretty and stylish cakes? Creative cakes is your answer!
Helsinki: Helsinki Homemade Bakery are making some of the best cakes you can get in the city, all homemade of course!
Lisbon: Maria Gateaux in Lisbon makes some really amazing cakes!
Dortmund: Bäckerei Mohr | Konditorei und Tortenmanufaktur
is always a great place to get your cakes from!
Frankfurt: Bäckerei Cafe Morgenstern makes pure masterpieces of cake!
Monaco: Mitron Bakery Monaco is the perfect place to take a well deserved brake, in the beautiful city of Monaco!
Oslo: Need to get a cake customized? Oslo Custom Cakes got you covered!
Riga: Bezē is i must visit cake shop in Riga!
Eindhoven: My Style Cakes is a nice, cosy and very pretty place to get a cake with your friends or family!

How WhatsApp Business can benefit cake shops

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Here is an example of a cake shop in Madrid, who are utilizing the benefits of WhatsApp business: 👇

Example of a WhatsApp business account!
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Product pictures! ✅
Product catalog

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