Selling cakes with WhatsApp is a very popular business. The main reason is your customers want to order something that is very special and they need to talk with a representative from your shop. Either is a personal cake, or they need something personalised or they need to order some for an event. This is very important and you will need to have WhatsApp as part of your marketing tools.

More cake shops in Europe using WhatsApp Widget.

Some great shops selling cakes with WhatsApp

This website is using Webnode

This amazing website from Dubai uses WordPress to present their stores where they sell cakes and pastries. Also they use WidgetWhats for WordPress to create an easy to use contact channel. The company also offers deliveroo, zomato, carriage and talabat delivery.

Add WhatsApp to your website

This is a free tool you can add to your WordPress site to create a WhatsApp contact Widget.

Order confirmation with WhatsApp

In a website like this one, is very convenient to have a WhatsApp channel. Customers want to order specially created cakes for birthdays and special occasions. Also, to confirm delivery time or orders processing, WhatsApp is very useful and gives to the customer peace of mind.


You can create your own franchise with Katrina in Bubai and Abu Dhabi. For this market, WhatsApp is a great tool to engage with your partners.

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