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You need a landing page or a WhatsApp Form to improve your experience for your Bakery / Cake Shop. This is very important and useful. A bakery or a cake shop needs to capture custom orders and special request from customers. Some bakeries are just specialised in custom cakes because is what customers want. For a birthday, for an anniversary, for anything special customers will want to talk to a representative of your business and try to get their order ready to go. This is what is important for your business and you need our WhatsApp Widget to make it happen.

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Check our these great examples of bakery and cake shops using WhatsApp Widget.

Cakes in Lekki

Miss Toyosi Iwaeni
The Fabulous Cakes
👩‍🎓Food scientist
🎂 custom made cakes
Preorder only😁
For enquires, please click the link below

order cake in Lekki

Cakes in Ikorodu

Buttercream Cakes🎂
Fondant cakes🌻
Whipped Cream🍦
Wedding Cakes 🎂
Uniced cakes🍰
Delivery services

Order with WhatsApp > https://chatwith.io/s/5f30fe9d53fdc

order cakes in Ikorodu

By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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