Trust might just be one of the most important things to remember when dealing with communication, especially when we are talking about conversations with costumers, because without the trust from your customers, you are not going to be able to sell much.

Trust is a wide term, but the most important thing to remember here is, that trust is not something you get, it is something you earn. ✊

That is why we have decided to take a closer look at trust in the communication process, to let you know how you can gain more trust from your customers, and how WhatsApp can help you doing that.

What is trust?

Trust can is one of those thing that we all know what is, but it can be a bit difficult to describe, but we are going to try anyway. Trust can be described in multiple ways, but essentially is the belief in the reliability of someone, what they say or do.

Some people are easier to trust than others, and people you know is probably easier to figure out if you can trust or not, while people you don’t know, or don’t know the intentions of are more difficult to trust.

Even more, people you can’t even see are the people who are the most difficult to trust, which is why increasing reliability in conversations are so important, but how do you do this, and are some forms of messaging easier to gain trust from than others? 🤔

Trust in the communication

As mentioned, gaining trust from people who can’t see or hear you requires a bit more than it would, if they were standing right in front of you.

This also means, that you should pick your form of communication very carefully, have a look at what your message is and how this is being received by the customers, and of course, how you can improve your reliability.

All this leads us to the questions, whether or not you can increase your level of trust using WhatsApp, how you can do this, and what WhatsApp has to offer, that other messaging options can’t provide.

But first, lets have a look at some of the factors that can increase the level of trust among your customers:

  • Availability ✅
  • Responsiveness ✅
  • Being visible ✅
  • Professionalism ✅
  • Level of service ✅
  • Honesty and transperency

Now that we know what can help you gain trust, lets have a look at how WhatsApp can help you achieve these factors and increase your reliability 📈

How WhatsApp can improve your reliability

WhatsApp has become the most popular and frequently used messaging app in the world, so it is no wonder that people turn to WhatsApp for their conversations. But is WhatsApp good for building trust?

Well first of all, with WhatsApp, you can definitely always be there for your customers, given that WhatsApp is fast, convenient and always near by, so you can give fast and efficient responses. 📲

If you want to make your WhatsApp more available and easy to access, you should consider making a WhatsApp link, which gives your user direct access to a conversations with you. It also makes it way easier to start a conversation with you, and you can share your link on your social media accounts, or on your website. 👏

Find out more here 👈

Create a WhatsApp link!

Can WhatsApp Widgets improve reliability?

If we take a look at the previously mentioned factors for increasing reliability and trust, we can actually name one tool to check them all off, and provide the ultimative tool for gaining trust amongst your customers. The WhatsApp Widget.

Don’t have a WhatsApp Widget yet? Make your very own WhatsApp Widget at for FREE. 👏

Create your WhatsApp Widget!

By using a WhatsApp Widget, you provide a lot of great benefits for your users and your customers, which all helps increasing your reliability, such as:

  • Provide a line of contact ✅
  • Your customers can always find somewhere to go if they have questions ✅
  • You can add pictures to your agents so your customers can also see you ✅
  • It is fast and convenient ✅
  • You are always available to provide an amazing service ✅

These are only some of the benefits of using a WhatsApp Widget to help you increase your reliability

Read Reciepts

Another thing that WhatsApp provides, is the read receipts, which allows your customers to see, when you have read their question or comment. This allows them to keep track of the conversation and know if you are actually there to help them, or if you are not really available.

This is a service that you don’t get if you are using most email providers, or some other form of conversations, and it connects you and the customer a bit closer in the conversation.

It also allows the customer to move on, if they can see that you have seen what they sent, but are not responding, then they can stop wasting time waiting for a reply, and simply just move on. 🔛

In many ways, the read receipts changed the ways the customer acts in the conversation. By getting proof that you are actually precent in the conversation, it gives a closer feeling of actually getting a good service and someone being available to help.

You dont get the same feeling when using f.x. emails, unless you are using mailtrack, which is the only way to do it through E-mail, as far as I’m aware of. 📧

Mailtrack integration

There is a way you can get the read receipts for your gmail account, and that is through mailtrack integration. With mailtrack, you can get the double checks, or read receipts as they are also known as, so you, as a sender, can keep track of when you emails have been read.

Read Receipts are turned on as default, but if you somehow don’t have them on, here is how you turn them on:

  • Go to WhatsApp 📱
  • Go to settings ⚙
  • Go to Account 🔑
  • Go to privacy 🔒

Here you will find the option that lets you turn on read receipts 👍

Activate read receipts!

So, to summerize, what WhatsApp does to increase your reliability and trust is:

  • Making conversations more personal
  • Giving options for adding pictures for better visual aspect
  • Bringing seller and customer closer together
  • Give opportunities for amazing customer service
  • Improves the expected response time

This and much more, so there is no doubt about it, WhatsApp is a tool that can really improve your credibility reliability and trust! 😍

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