We offer a complete solution with tochat.be to create and install the best WhatApp click to chat solutions on any website.

You can use WordPress, Wix, HTML, PHP or any other CMS with our solution. There are no restrictions to the CMS or to the code you use. Our system is 100% compatible with any code you may have.

How to start to add WhatsApp Click to Chat

The first step if you want to test quickly our solution, you can copy and paste this code into your code.

<script defer data-active  data-widget-type="group" data-person="5d6e95b6-26ea-4d81-af2b-b839bebe920e" src="https://widget.tochat.be/bundle.js?key=28d69971-061c-470f-aecc-4834f0bd3e16"></script><div data-active id="whatapp-people-widget"></div>

This code inserted in your code will generate a WhatsApp form like this one. This WhatsApp form can generate the best click to chat for your contact page, lead form generation, or simple contact us page.

Is best a WhatsApp Form or a Click to Chat?

Click to ChatWhatsApp Form
Collect DataNoYes
Collect Consent (GDPR)NoYes
Collect Lead ScoringNoYes
Collect Referral informationYesYes
Send welcome messageYesYes
Dynamic FieldNoYes

With our solution you can create both options. You can have a simple click to chat and a more complex WhatsApp form to qualify leads and generate leads from your campaigns and SEO. Leads can be organic or can be from campaign ads.

How you can create your account and how you can start working with us

Create your account at tochat.be.

Once you create your account go to widgets and create your first widget. You need to create an agent to have a form ready to use. This is mandatory to have your link.

You can enable link to whatsapp or whatsapp form. This is completely optional for you. You can have a simple click to chat or a more interesting whatsapp form to get qualified leads for your business.

WhatsApp Form visual editor

WhatsApp leads control panel

Finally and under your own account you have a leads control panel.

You can download a free HTML template with WhatsApp form to test.


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