How to use Zoho and WhatsApp for Marketing

Hi everyone, I’m a Zoho user and new to WhatsApp Business and looking for someone to educate me about what I need to be done to accomplish what I’m trying to accomplish. My company is a music marketing agency. I have a musician that I manage. I’m looking to have his fans reach out via text so that the artist can respond individually via web or phone app. This WhatsApp allow him to make a personal connection with his fans. In addition, we’d like to then use these numbers to send bulk SMS regarding upcoming music releases, tour dates, etc.

I am completely new to this and not sure what I need to make this happen or the best way to go about it. We claimed a number on WhatsApp because it seemed like an affordable option but am looking for someone to inform me about what I need to be done. It looks like WhatsApp may be able to connect to Zoho CRM but I’m not sure.

I’ve tried vetting people on Fivver but most people are not understanding the functionality that I need. They are having a hard time understanding that I am not just looking to send bulk WhatsApp campaigns. The idea is that the fans will text the number first.

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