Create your account to be able to manage your Bookings with WhatsApp. Once you have created your account, you will have an exclusive form for your business from which your clients can book their previous appointments. You will receive a message on your WhatsApp number every time a client makes the reservation.

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More than 10,000 companies and professionals use our WhatsApp services every day to win and manage clients.

Companies using Bookings with WhatsApp

  • Previous appointment with Optica Karmen – Torrevieja
  • Appointment with Sánchez Plá – Reformas – Valencia
  • Previous Appointment with Pilates Author – Murcia
  • Previous appointment with RMOTOR – Galicia
  • Appointment with byebichitos – Lice Treatment Gran Canaria
  • Appointment with Abel Minaya
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Manage your bookings with WhatsApp for Hotels.

Bookings for teachers and coaches using WhatsApp

Schedule classes with your students in much less time

👉 Up to 2 hours less a day adjusting the dates.

👉 Forget about sending handwritten reminders every day.

👉 Charge in advance at the time you reserve the class

How to create bookings for teachers in WhatsApp

1. ⚡️ Create simple rules
Tell us your availability preferences and it will do the rest of the work

2. 🔗 Share your link
Send the link to your clients, put it on your WhatsApp or Instagram profile, or add it to your website

3. 🤘 Class reserved!
They choose the day and time and we takes care of the rest as if you had done it yourself

4. Add payments to get your class confirm.

Benefits for you as a teacher – use WhatsApp for your bookings

1 – Save up to 2 hours a day to balance classes with students: send them a link with all availability
2 – Make sure they come without spending a minute: with automatic reminders by WhatsApp for each reservation
3 – Schedule classes even asleep: put the link on your WhatsApp or Instagram profile or on your website and let them book whenever they want
4 – If you want, they pay in advance: with the same link you can ask them to reserve the date, time and pay for the class

Your availability in a simple way

We offers a visually spectacular booking experience for you. We meticulously elaborate each interaction to delight your clients while they close classes with you

Reminders by WhatsApp

Your clients will receive a simple WhatsApp message to confirm, reschedule or cancel the reservation. We do it for you every day, for each of the reserved classes.

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