WhatsApp Business use for your shop

What is WhatsApp Business actually? It’s an app especially designed for business owners, it helps to foster good communication with clients and on top of that enables you to create a company profile. This profile includes: firm’s name, image and “about” section, in case you own a physical shop there is also a possibility to add location and opening hours. A downside to WhatsApp business is that you either need a separate phone for it or you have to turn your regular account to WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp payments

There are a few solutions on the market that enable you to pay via WhatsApp, but currently all of them aren’t ideal, thus we decided to create our own payment solution for WhatsApp. Stay tuned as in the nearest future Chatwith.io will announce its WhatsApp payment service!

Advantages of phone marketing

Using WhatsApp Business you can effectively communicate with your clients and utilize it for marketing campaigns. Some of the most usefull features are:

  • Publishing a catalog
  • Creating distribution lists
  • Statistics about your messages
  • Setting predetermined messages

When you already acquire a certain number of users, in order to solidify them and create a loyal customer base you can make use of contests / lotteries with worthy rewards, they are the key to consumer engagement. Such events can attract substantial amount of users to your other social media like Facebook or Instagram, you just have to set a requirement to follow your accounts in order to partake.

If you want to obtain more traffic on your blog or YouTube channel, you can share the articles/links directly via WhatsApp messenger. A portion of te recipients will most definitely check it out. In order not to spam your users you can also make us of the status feature.

In order to measure customer satisfaction and gather data about your company/products feel free to use our free WhatsApp survey solution ChatPoll. For more info about how to utilize ChatPoll for your marketing data click here.

Download WhatsApp Business and get started today, don’t let the competition get an egde over you!

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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