How to create your link to WhatsApp business

If you would like to generate a link to your WhatsApp business account, go to this website and type your number with the country code. This FREE tool will create a personalised link for you. You can also type a welcome message if you wish. This message will be an automatic response when your customer initiates the conversation for the first time. You can now share the link on your social media/ website.

Benefits of WhatsApp business

WhatsApp Business has a whole range of tools which will help you run your business efficiently. The main feautures are:

  • Business Profiles A standard feature will be Business Profle which will help your customers get additional information
  • Statistics you can check how many messages have been successfuly sent, delivered and read
  • Catalog which will allow you to showcase and share your products and services within your business account.
  • Shortlink simplifies the connection with new customers. You can share an auto-generated short link with them.
  • Messaging tools you can use WhatsApp messaging templates to build key conversations up front. This allows you to create automated messages to engage with your customers, for instance a greeting message.
  • Labels will let you sort your conversations with customers into helpful categories e.g. “awaiting orders” or “loyal customers” or “reclamations”

WhatsApp Business provides a platform which will help you interact with your customers better, you will be able to have the highest standard of support. This will greatly impact your brand name as well as sales.

How to share your WhatsApp business

In order to share you WhatsApp Business you have to copy the created link wherever you will. You can place it in your bio/description on Facebook or Instagram, your private website, you can also ask people from your network, e.g. friends to share it in posts with their connections so more people are aware of your existence and if they are interested in what your business has to offer they can easily contact you with just one click.

Stats for your WhatsApp business

We give you stats about your link usage. That way you can manage your links. You can easily track how many people are actually clicking the link, compare one site to the other, compare traffic and engagement at different social media accounts as well as compare a previous month to the current one so you know if the interest with your company/product is growing or diminishing. In order to check the statistics you just have to log in to your FREE account at and all the data is easily available there.

Landing page for your WhatsApp business

If you would like to create a landing page for your business you can do so with a few easy steps:

  1. Go to where you created the link to your WhatsApp Business
  2. Go to My profile tab and create a profile(this will take 30sec)
  3. Nextly move to the tab called “My Page”

Lets say you are a Tattoo artist, fill in the data in this manner and upload a custom image

Now after you click send your landing page will be generated and it will autmatically appear on the screen

We hope you enjoyed this article, have a great day!


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