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Today we want to talk about a sucessful cosmetics shop Bio Beauté Shop that ascended its sales and support activities thanks to WhatsApp chat integrated in their promotions website.

To start with, who is Bio Beauté Shop?

They are selling products of Bio Beautè that is an Italian brand of organic beauty products. The brand takes care of the skin with the utmost know-how, professionalism and the best active organic ingredients, derived from raw materials without chemicals, pesticides and petroleum derivatives. These products are sold in over 50 countries around the world.

Each month the shop is launching new promotions.

Which channel do they use to sell?

They are focused on online sales of Bio Beauté products and the customers can make their orders on the website, after introducing their contact information and direction for the delivery. The payment is made on the door when the order is delivered.

WhatsApp Widget to support and sell more on the web

The bio.biobeautéshop has created its WhatsApp widget with our tool in june and added its personalized chat button with a Customer Service Agent to several pages of their website. Currently they are using the same widget on more than 100 pages of their website, each corresponds to a different promotion offer. That way the customer questions, doubts and opinions are managed and answered by a centralized WhatsApp channel.

Since they started using the widget, the number of clicks to chat reached to 1270, of which 271 is reported only in this last week, related to the launch of new promotions.

This number demonstrates that through the WhatsApp widget on their web, they helped almost 1300 customers in 3 months solving their problems and accelerated sales of the shop.

An examplar website that helps and convinces the user

What is their website doing correct?

First of all adding WhatsApp button to its website helps the shop be an always available company, that is ready to solve customer problems in real time. Also it gives them the opportunity to share relevant documents, images related to sales during the chat. Additionally on WhatsApp, they could add forms  such as the order form that they have in the page, add surveys to get client opinions about products,  offer several payment methods etc.

Secondly, the website is showing the customer opinions that previosly purchased the products, which is a convincing strategy that we always recommend. The customer can share opinion directly and if not, you can always ask for it as a testimonial for other customers. It raises the credibility and trust for the products.

Considering this and many other success cases, we believe that WhatsApp chat in the web is a sales accelerator for similar businesses since in this industry customer contact is key.

Soon we will publish an interview made with the shop to listen from their words how WhatsApp helped them grow.

If you want to support your customers better and sell more too, create your WhatsApp widget now and add to your website.

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By Buket Yoldas

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