PATUNA TOUR & TRAVEL is one of the leading companies in the services of ticketing, tours, travel document management (passports and visas) as well as Hajj and Umrah Services or known as PPIH (Hajj Travel Organizers).

The company was founded in 1972 under the name Pan Travel. Because at that time there was no Hajj Plus service, due to Pan Travel Director, Mr. Amirsyah Thabrani, he made the decision to expand his business by providing services to regular Hajj pilgrims (Government Hajj Pilgrims) who wanted to return to their homeland more quickly.

During the journey, there was a change after the joining of 2 (two) travel companies to strengthen the business in the service sector. The two companies are: Tunas Travel and Natrabu Travel. After the joining of the three travel companies, it was agreed to establish / give a new name to make marketing easier. The agreed names are PA (Pan travel) TU (Tunas travel) and NA (Natrabu travel) so that the name: PATUNA with the Pan Travel coordinator Mr. Amirsyah Thabrani was formed. This pilgrimage service business runs well from year to year.

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