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If you want to add the WhatsApp Widget in your website you can fase some of these situations:

  1. I have one domain.
  2. I have one domain with multiple languages
  3. I have a domain and different sub-domains
  4. I have different domains but I want to have the same support team for all of them

All these situations can be address with Widget Whats. But there are some scenarios you need to consider.

  1. Each WhatsApp Widget is configured base on a domain. You need to choose one domain per widget. You can add the folder structure to the domain so you can define specific agents for languages or sections in your website. For example you can create a widget for each domain.com/de domain.com/es domain.com/fr
  2. You can create a WhatsApp Widget for each subdomain so you can define each widget with a message, call to action, design. But you can keep the same agent phone number for all of them, or if you need it, you can add a different agent for each domain / sub domain / language.
  3. If you have different domains, you need to add different widgets. This is mandatory. We validate the domain with the widget in order to prevent fraud, phishing… Each domain will need a widget. As we said before, you can keep the same agent for all the domains.

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