Joomla and WhatsApp

Joomla Support with WhatsApp in Argentina

This is a Joomla website develop for support in Argentina. In this case the WhatsApp Widget is only presented in some sections of the website. This is a very good use case where you can use the Widget only in the sections where you need it. The “Voice for You” system is a computer tool […]

How to use WhatsApp Widget Premium version

Patuna Travel – Hotel Bookings with WhatsApp Widget

PATUNA TOUR & TRAVEL is one of the leading companies in the services of ticketing, tours, travel document management (passports and visas) as well as Hajj and Umrah Services or known as PPIH (Hajj Travel Organizers). The company was founded in 1972 under the name Pan Travel. Because at that time there was no Hajj […]