Now you can add our WhatsApp Widget to your Weebly website. Weebly is an online CMS to create your website and e-commerce. Is powered by Square (the payment platform) so you can link your payments with their solutions.

Weebly is a popular CMS from Square (a payments company).

This CMS aims to solve the ecommerce platform solution for small business.

To add our free WhatsApp Widget to Weebly you need to go to “Settings” > “SEO” > “Footer Code”

Once you have our WhatsApp Widget ready, you can go to “Settings” in your website and just paste the code in the “header code”. This is very simple and easy to use. The only requirement to get your website live is to link your site to a domain. You can use a domain from Weebly or you can just use a domain you own.

There you can paste the script we give you.

To add your WhatsApp Widget you need to create an account in our service.

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