I have one question about how Wame works. Specifically when a client is using mobile. I’m not using Wame, but I want to know if Wame can fix my problem.

I have a WooCommerce site and store, some of my clients contact me through my chat (Smartsupp),  on out of office hours, during the night. The problem is, at the morning when I want to answer, I can’t. Because the client already leave the chat and my site and the connection is lost!

My question is, does Wame keeps the WhatsApp number from the client, so we don’t lose this chat conversation? So I can answer to the clients request even if he already closed my site on his phone?

SmartUpp is a great tool for support and sales, but there are some features you will not have:

1. Capture users phone or email number.

2. Add images or videos in the conversation.

3. Share location.

Without those features, specially the first one, you can loose good leads.

This is a question and problem we can solve with Widget Whats.

One of the advantages of using WhatsApp is that you capture the real phone number of the user from the first moment. Then you can contact them when you are ready. It is very important if you have a global audience but still not have a global support team.

Once the user contacts you,

  • you can add an “away message” if you are using WhatsApp Business.
  • also you can add your business hours in your agent profile and business profile
  • and finally you can add a greetings message

Just keep in mind. WhatsApp is much better to capture the users phone number.

One of the advantages of using whatsApp is that all the messages and phone numbers are in your WhatsApp so you can contact them back just using WhatsApp. Also, WhatsApp Business (that is free) has some goodies such as away messages and greetings messages.
Those are very handy when you are away.

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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