Script Widget WhatsApp

If you need a free script for WhatsApp you have a solution with WidgetWhats. What we give you is a script like this one: <script async data-id=”15144″ src=””></script> The script is linked to your domain so is secure to use and will give you all the features you need to have a great WhatsApp Chat… Continue reading Script Widget WhatsApp

Whatsapp Widget for Drupal

@drupal + #WhatsApp #Travel#website With a World full of fascinating places, choosing the perfect holiday destination can be a challenge. See which places our travellers like the best. Use our WhatsApp Widget If you want to add a WhatsApp Widget to your Drupal website, this is the best plugin and it is free.… Continue reading Whatsapp Widget for Drupal

How to add Widget WhatsApp to your Wix Website

To add a WhatsApp Widget to your site, you need to follow these instructions. This option to add the code is only for premium WIX websites. It is not available for free WIX websites.  Visit this website with WIX and WhatsApp Widget Free Wix Widget for WhatsApp The Code we generate for your WIX… Continue reading How to add Widget WhatsApp to your Wix Website