1. You can use whatsapp business as a way to promote your business since there is a way to send predetermined messages.
  2. You can do so by pressing settings, then business settings. You will see messaging tools.
  3. The first one is “away message”, which consists of a message that you can edit, that can be sent at the time you want, since you can edit the schedule and who you want it sent to.
  4. The next message is a “greeting message”, which is also editable but will be sent to customers who message you for the first time or if they haven’t texted in 14 days.
  5.  The last message is a “quick reply”. This is very useful since customers usually ask the same questions, which means you can make a predetermined answer for specific questions.
  6. Be aware that if you have the first two options active at the same time, and you are not active and it is the first time someone texts you, both messages will appear at the same time.


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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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